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We both had a cold restless night last night. I think we will turn off the a/c tonight before going to sleep.

We went down to breakfast at Bayside restaurant for the buffet breakfast. What a great selection! Any buffet that includes lox is just fine with me. After enjoying breakfast in the open air, feeling the ocean breeze on a sunny morning, we returned to the room until 9:40.

We then headed over to the Sandals Lounge for the 10:00 orientation tour of the property. I also wanted to talk with the concierges about a few things. One of the problems was yesterday, I could not sign into the free wifi, but that resolved itself this morning and I was able to download the newspaper for later. And I was going to ask about laundry service, but I saw a maid outside the room and she took it.

But we still needed to talk about the free 30-minute couples massage, and the sunset scuba cruise, and Jean wanted to try the Steakhouse again. Well, the sunset scuba cruise went for too long for Jean's taste, plus she was already scheduled for the VIP scuba cruise. Then the only reservations on Thursday were too early and conflicted with other plans, or after 9:00, which is too late for us to eat.

We began the orientation tour. The concerige talked with us and another couple in the lounge about the resort, our rooms, general restrictions, etc. In Barbados, all beaches are open to the pubic. So, if we are on the beach, we could be approached by vendors not associated with Sandals.

Then the other couple did not want to do the walk, so we had a private orientation tour showing the restaurant locations, the spa, the gym, the nurse, etc. After the tour, we walked along the beach (saw the Nottingham couple from yesterday and said hey!) and then sat in the lounge area in our building to go over the available tours. There are 17 from which to chose.

Jean had been here before, a long time ago, and has already done the cave. So we decided to see if the Bridgetown shopping tour was available on Thursday, since we missed the Tuesday tour by coming in late, and will be unable to take the tour next Tuesday since we are leaving before the tour returns (too bad, I had wanted to hit the Post Office). Well, Thursday was already filled. So, the other tour we were going to take was the Best of Barbados Island Tour. Turns out, this tour is a private tour for 3, 4 or 5 hours. We booked a 4 hour tour (didn't want to do a Gilligan's Island tour:) for Saturday.

We returned to the room. Jean desired to relax before her mani/pedi appointment at 2:30. She felt hungry about 12:00 and went over to the French bistro for a crepe to bring back to the room. Well, it had rained, so she took her umbrella with her. And while she was waiting, it poured. Now rain doesn't last very long. It just passes over within 5-10 minutes. So, by the time she headed back, there was no rain again.

She came back with two crepes, one for each of us. We decided to sit on the balcony, where, like this morning at breakfast, the birds watched and crept forward until you shoo them away. Jean left for her appointment, and I typed and read the newspaper on the balcony, until it started to rain again, then I came inside.

Our next activity together was the 5:30 wine tasting, and the 6:00 dinner reservation at Kimonos Japanese Restaurant, which we always enjoy the hibachi meal, while meeting new people.

Jean returned from her spa appointment about 4:30 missing the rain. We got dressed for the evening (Kimonos is a Resorts Casual dress code), and walked over to the Sandals Club for the wine tasting. We arrived a little after 5:30 and the room was set for about 10 couples. Well, we were the only ones there! So, we had private wine tasting. (This was not good because my tongue lost certain flavors when the left tongue nerve was used to give my face a small amount of symmetry.) So when people say, taste the cheese, and then the wine and ask about the taste, I can't taste any difference. So Jean had to come up with the different tastes. Luckily, about 5:50, another couple showed up and helped move the comments along.

We left for our Kimonos dinner reservation at 6:00. We shared the hibachi table with 4 other couples, two chairs were unfilled. The couple to my left were from Maryland, north of Baltimore near the Maryland House. She was originally from Somerset, N.J. near Easton Avenue. So she knew a lot of New Jersey references. He was originally from Queens. He talked about his work with General Motors, and then General Motors Finance. An elderly couple who were from Brooklyn were seated next to them. They were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. The young couple next to them were also from Brooklyn (no relation). The young lady was celebrating her 29th birthday. And the other couple across from us were from Ohio, and had been married 2 years.

I had the scallop appetizer, and Jean tried the duck salad. Then Jerwin, our chef for the evening appeared after the appetizer, and began his continuing entertainment dialogue. He did not do vey well on flipping the egg into our mouths. Everyone had two chances, and out of 20 chances, he only got one to go in. The food was good as always, what can go wrong with fresh cooked food? The fish, shrimp, chicken, and beef were well cooked, as were the rice and vegetables. I had a cooked pineapple dessert, and Jean had tried the guava pudding.

We left Kimonos and walked over to the pub to play a couple games of pool before returning to our room for the evening.

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