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Miniatures museum

Shaggy dog in the Zoological Museum

More walking today.

We began by walking to the museum of political history, about 45 minutes away.

When we arrived, we discovered that today it is closed.

So we continued on to do a 15 minute helicopter ride over the city.

Only to discover that they would not take plastic cards, only cash, and this is the last flight they are doing till Sunday.

So we continued on to the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul, where we found an amazing exposition (the Russian word for "display") on miniature art works.

You looked at these through microscopes.

They were amazing.

One of my favourites was a gold train - engine and several carriages - on a piece of human hair.

Then we continued on to the Zoological Museum.

This collection was formed from the collections of Peter the Great,

There are over 60,000,000 items.

After we had seen every living creature alive, we continued home.

We did not go directly home.

We walked along the river and past the Bronze Horse statue, through the Alexander Gardens, and around St Isaac's Cathedral.

Tonight we are going to see Swan Lake Ballet in the Mariinsky Theatre.

We thought this might be a fitting end to our exploration of Russia.

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