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Our car

The boat and cave

Our last day in New Zealand we decided to go and visit the famous Waitomo glow worm cave.

At first we were going to book an organised trip, but as we left it till the night before we wanted to go it was either sold out or very expensive. We did manage to find a great deal on a car rental so decided we would have one last road trip before our New Zealand adventure ended.

The car we rented was a Nissan Tiida, a very old car, which reminded me of something my grandad used to drive. The journey was very long so we made a few stops at McDonald's for a frozen cola.

Three hours later we arrived at the caves. The tour started by our Maori guide (the original owners of the land in NZ) taking us into the cave. The cave had five levels which we spent time slowly moving down so that our eyes could adjust to the dark. Our guide explained that the whole cave used to be under water many hundreds of years ago and that the name Waitomo is a Maori word made up of two parts, Wai which means water and Tomo which means hole. Waitomo can be translated into the stream which flows into the hole in the ground. As there was water still seeping through the rocks stagimites which hung from the ceiling where growing. When we reached the lower levels we could see the glow worms mucus hanging down. Our guide told us all about the short existance of the glow worm life cycle. It all begins with a glow worm laying around 30 eggs the first to hatch eat the other eggs, they then use their mucus to catch flies until they are strong enough to transform into a fly themselves. Due to the process happing very quickly their organs do not form properly there for they are unable to eat, they lay more eggs then die a few days later. We boarded a little boat that took us through the cave. There were glow worms all over the ceiling and they twinkled just like stars. A pretty unique thing to finish this part of our adventure.

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