Trans-Siberian Railway 2017 travel blog


Red bridge

Stroganoff Palace

Night lights

More walking today.

Our first stop today was at the KGB museum.

It was quite interesting, although no information in English.

There were only 3 rooms of exhibits.

I was surprised at how dated and basic their espionage equipment was.

Next to Palace Square, where we came across some local dancing and singing.

The accompaniment was button accordion, balalaika and tambourine.

It was a fun time.

Next we went to a photographic museum.

My favourite exhibit was recently released photos taken of Tsar Nicholas II and his family.

They were taken on the Royal Yacht by an employee and friend, who later joined the revolution against Nicholas. He was charged with treason, and ended his life in prison.

Next stop was the Stroganoff Palace. Grand rooms. Sparsely furnished, although there were lots of good paintings.

One of the famous bridges here is Red Bridge. There is also a Blue Bridge. Both are very close to our hotel.

After a stop at our hotel for dinner, we set out again at 9pm.

We went back to Palace Square, to see what it was like at night time, and if it would be lit up.

When we arrived, there was a concert happening.

It was a singer accompanied by a brass band.

The crowd was large, and loving the entertainment.

Everyone was singing along, and dancing when there were no words.

The whole crowd was clapping in time with the music.

It was a very happy time.

Just as we left to walk home, about 6 army vehicles drove past (still in Palace Square).

They were laden with soldiers in past-days uniforms.

They did 2 whole laps of the Square, waving at everyone who was there.

Then the walk home (our hotel is the same street as Palace Square) and we arrived back at the hotel at 10.30pm.

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