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Beautiful rooms

Ridiculous crowds

Pop up battle field

Today was basically spent at the Hermitage.

This is Russia’s version of France’s Louvre.

The Louvre has 35,000 art works.

The Hermitage has 3,000,000 art works.

We had a guided tour in the morning for 3 hours, then stayed exploring on our own until closing time at 6pm. We were almost the last out of the doors.

The Hermitage is made up of 5 connected buildings.

The rooms are amazing.

They include a throne room and a church.

There are over 300 rooms altogether.

The rooms are full of art works - paintings, sculptures, furniture, ornaments, armoury, embroidery, porcelain, and many other items.

There were 2 temporary displays that we saw - one on clothing - I particularly like Peter the Great’s wardrobe. The other display was of Egyptian art, including several mummies.

I particularly liked the rooms themselves - the ceilings were painted with art works, the walls were decorated, marble columns, huge chandeliers.

Although the buildings and art works were amazing, the crowds were absolutely ridiculous. I think it is the most crowded place I have ever been. And that includes the Moscow metro, in peak hour, in summer!

When we came out of the Hermitage, there was a pop-up battle field in the square at the front.

There were many tanks, cannons, army trucks, army tanks, and soldiers dressed in period military outfits. There were also the regular tourist attractions, like carriages pulled by 2 horses each, actors dressed in Tsar-like clothes (the idea is you have your photo taken with them, and they take all the money in your wallet). Plus hundreds of tourists. So it was quite a spectacular and colourful scene.

We went home, then later out to our favourite strolovaya for dinner.

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