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Dip net fishing

Gigantic butterfly nets


Russian Orthodox Church from 1894

Our B&B in Kenai

Back tracking on this journal entry to one of the weirdest fishing spectacle we have ever seen. We were in Kenai on the Cook Inlet. We had pulled over to see a moose grazing in a big field near a wildlife boardwalk. A local started talking to us about wildlife. He said if you want to see something wild go watch the dip net fishing further down the bay.

We had seen all these gigantic nets sticking out of trucks in town and had wondered what they do with these nets, so we had to go see what it was all about. It was absolutely crazy. Fisherman were standing waist to shoulder deep in the bay with these 5ft nets that looked like butterfly nets. The butterflies would have to be the size of vultures. They were just scooping up salmon by the hundreds. They would get a salmon in the net, take it to shore and hit it on the head with what looked like a billy club. There were wheel barrows full of salmon. The salmon were huge. I think they said their limit was 25. Each salmon had to be 10 lbs or more.

I have to say it was the craziest fishing technique I have ever seen.

Next to the bay with the crazy fisherman we came across this beautiful old Russian Orthodox Church built in 1894. I thought I would also show you the cute little B&B we stayed in. We wanted the real Alaskan experience.

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