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Funny car at Camden market

Jug of Pimms at Camden market

Dover Castle

Cliffs of Dover

Korina's touristy pose at the cliffs

Korina and Katie at the cliffs

Ugly Dover 1

Ugly Dover 2

Picnic at the cliffs of Dover

Roman lighthouse at the Castle

Dover Castle close up

Medieval tunnel 1

Medieval tunnel 2

Entrance to the WWII tunnels

WWII equipment 1

WWII equipment 2

Me next to a canal in Camden

Everybody loves pirates

Korina and me @ Dover castle

Walking on the cliffs of Dover

Pimms @ Camden markets

Before I start on the London trip, should mention that we went to a drive in movie at Harewood Castle on Friday night. Pretty impressive set-up. So, we knew that it was going to be a Bollywood movie, but thought that it might be pretty amusing in a cheesy sort of way. We didn't realise that the movie was:

a. completely in Hindi, with somewhat crap sub-titles (much discussion required to understand what the hell was going on)

b. filmed in 1975

c. over 4.5 hours long!

The movie seemed to be some strange Mexican theme, yet the 2 main characters were strangely dressed in 70's disco suits. Very amusing, but could not manage the whole movie as I was getting pretty knackered and had to be up early the next morning. A shame I managed to forget the camera again, very amusing retro flick!

Recently we noticed a deal in the Yorkshire Evening Post (YEP) where we could get down to London for 15 quid (return) - usually anywhere from £50-£100. So we have been collected tokens in the paper like mad, and now have enough to do a number of trips down South. So the first trip came around this weekend.

On the saturday I took Korina to Camden market. We had to catch the train at 6am from Leeds (no wonder it was cheap), meaning that we got to the markets significantly before there was much open. As a result, Korina was initially somewhat underwhelmed, although things did pick up later on. After the chaos of the markets we adjourned to a local pub for a jug of Pims in the sunshine (have to make the most of this, its starting to get cold).

We then headed down South to stay with Katie and Martin, friends of Korina's from Dunedin and the Human Nutrition department. Don't think we really realised how far south they were, but it was nice to get out in the county. A really impressive dinner party then ensued before heading down to Katie and Martin's local for a couple of pints. It was really good catching up with some familar faces after being somewhat no-matish up in the North!

As we were so far South, we took the opportunity to go and take a look around Dover Castle. Korina and I have now spent quite a bit of time on the Castle circuit, and our consensus is that Dover Castle was the best we have been to (although Dover itself is quite an ugly little village). Cool hidden medieval tunnels complete with cannons, moats and drawbridges in one area, contrasted with the hidden WWII tunnels where the Enigma codes were broken.

This part was particularly interesting for me as this is where my grandmother served during the war. Interesting to get a picture of what life might have been like then.

After Dover it was a series of long train rides, getting back to Leeds well after midnight. A long, but very enjoyable couple of days, with excellent weather down South.

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