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Fire in the pile of recyclables - viewed from our deck August...

Very smoky sun - doesn't really show how orange it has been...

Heron nest in a very unsafe place - right out in the...

Green beans from the garden - soon became pickled!

Gibsons Marina - August 3 sailing trip

Sailing lessons happening in the bay

Gibsons from the water


This large yacht came in while we were out

Giselle, our captain, on our two hour sail on August 3

Steve and Pat

Giselle our captain

Kelly made this beautiful planter for the front door

Trying to figure out a piece of musical equipment

Family photo

First carrots and beets

Sweet peas

A good tomato crop

More crush laid down

Dirt pile weeded

Supports for raspberry plants

Kelly starting to build the wood shed




Dwarf pomegranate

Starting the walls

The floor is solid!



Sailboats in Porpoise Bay

Putting on the roof



The arbours for the honesuckle plants - rooted from our Surrey house...


Really big fish - purchased from a friend - three of them.


Smoking one of the fish

That's a lot of fish

Starting on the bench for the hallway - from an old dresser...

The entire corn crop - they were good but very tiny




Complete with fancy knobs and a modified cushion that we used to...

Crush all down the side of the house


The woodshed is full! Potting bench in place


All tamped down

The neighbour's cat

Thanksgiving turkey done on the smoker

Starting on the greenhouse




Our Porpoise Bay October 21



Complete and ready for spring!

Aaron moved the dirt pile from one side of the yard to...



Great Northern Geese

First snow on the mountains November 3

The cat loves ice cream!

Sometimes you just have to work in the dark - grape arbour





Sun on snowy mountains

This has been a record hot summer as everyone knows. The haze of smoke from the fires in the Interior of BC has been nasty here, but much worse in central BC. We had our own fire near here on August 1. We were sitting out on the deck and Pat suddenly said, "I see flame!" We watched for a few seconds and realized it was growing. Larry called it in and was one of the first. By the time the fire department got there it was quite big. They knocked it down really fast. Fairly close to quite a few trees. Turns out it was in a pile of unsorted recycling - spontaneous combustion. We heard some pops (aerosol cans, small propane cylinders) and the crackling from our deck.

On August 3 we went on a two-hour sailing trip out of Gibsons Marina with Giselle. Larry had seen it on Facebook. It was quite a small little boat - 5 people maximum but a lovely afternoon. After that we went to the Gibsons Market and a nursery in Gibsons for landscape fabric.

On August 5 Aaron and Tonye arrived. Aaron spent his time building a Cajon ( out of scraps we had on hand while we went to Kelly's ball tournament. By the end of Monday Kelly's team had won D division (in part thanks to his home run) and Aaron had announced he and Tonye are getting married probably next year!! Quite the weekend!

The rest of the summer and fall continued with a lot of landscaping work. Kelly made the garden boxes and Maureen planted them - tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, zucchini, beets and carrots. We also had a little crop of corn and a huge crop of sweet peas. Kelly made boxes for the three blueberry bushes we picked up from a friend in Abbotsford. Then he made supports for the raspberry bushes, built arbours for the honeysuckle plants and the grapes we will plant in the spring. He built a wonderful shed for all his wood scraps - level and very solid. He built a greenhouse which will be used in the spring for starting plants. During this time he probably moved, spread and tamped 35 yards of crusher dust to various parts of the property.

Larry put together and used the new Lil Texas Traeger Smoker we had bought in 2015. What an amazing unit! We did pork ribs, filet, flank steak, chicken wings, pork tenderloin and best of all our Thanksgiving turkey. We also had a couple of people stop by in the summer with salmon for sale - the first were three small pinks - these smoked beautifully. Next were three huge Chinooks - not quite as good because they were huge.

In between gardening tasks, Maureen got a lot of knitting done and sold quite a few items on the local Buy and Sell.

Fall didn't bring much relief in the way of rain so we ended up being on Stage 4 water restrictions in October. By November we were ready for a nice break so the next installment is a short cruise!

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