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Cathedral of St Peter and Paul

Another day of walking.

We began with a 3 hour walking tour of St Petersburg

We saw many grand and famous buildings and gardens and statues.

We had lunch in a stolovya.

Then set out to visit the church of St Peter and Paul.

This was an amazing church, where 46 of the Romanov dynasty have been buried. The remains of the last 2 Romanov’s (Nicholas’ son and one daughter, who were only found fairly recently) will be buried here next year. Saw where Peter the Great was buried, and Katerina the Great, and many others.

The gold work was mind-boggling.

There were a lot of people here, and it was very expensive to go in.

Definitely worth going. Especially as we have followed the Romanov trail, from learning about them before we left Australia, to Yekaterinburg, through Moscow, and now to St Petersburg.

Then we continued on the the ship the Aurora, which fire the first shot in the revolution, and has fought in about 6 wars, including WWI and WWII.

Back home over the bridge over the Neva River.

This was a seven kilometre walk, not including wandering off the route and back tracking for photos.

We went to a Georgian restaurant for dinner.

We had heard that Moscow and St Petersburg were very expensive, but we are finding that it is cheaper to eat out - dinner at the restaurant was only $7 each, and my lunch at the stolovya was only 60 cents.

Our hotel is in a very central place, just off the Main Street, and close to the Admiralty, which is next to the Hermitage.

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