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beautiful and colourful Great George Street, Charlottetown

these buildings are partof the Great George Hotel

The Young Company at the start of their performance

this indigenous fellow taught himself the dying art of native hoop dancing

lovely and charming Victoria Row

and in the other direction

Charlottetown is a wonderful city with a relaxed and warm feel

At noon, 6 days a week, The Young Company, a troupe of about 14 young people, put on an outdoor performance of about 45 minute duration at the Conference Centre in downtown Charlottetown. Submissions from youth aged 16 to 26 were accepted, culled and a team of dancers, song-writers and singers were selected early in the year. The focus this year was on Canada 150 and these musicians & artists travelled around the country talking to young Canadians about their dreams for themselves, for their country and for humanity. They then created an energetic, vibrant, moving presentation that showcases the hopes and attitudes of our young people in Canada. Words cannot express how much this production touched our hearts. The message they sent loud and clear was one of hope, positivity, acceptance, tolerance, inclusion, love and everything that we should all be working towards. It was one of the most powerful performances we have ever seen. With such wonderful youth living with such positive attitudes we firmly believe that we will be turning over the reins of our country to people that will make it better and stronger.

A couple of hours at the beach, along with half of the tourist population of PEI, was the order of the afternoon. When we lived in Vancouver we occasionally spent an hour or two at the horse race track – cheap entertainment…….and the pizza there was phenomenal!!! The Charlottetown RaceTrack has sulky races on Saturday evenings so armed with absolutely no knowledge of the sport, the riders, the horses or anything remotely connected to horses we stayed for three races…………lost all three bets. With advice from a very wise (ya, right!) friend we laid money on #5 in the first race – he or she……it came in dead last!!! So much for wise friends!!! The second race we were a bit closer – we had bet on #3 to win. Well #3 led the race………………until the last 50 metres at which point #1 flew by #3 like a flash! Close but no cigar. Race number 3 we decided to hedge our bets – put money on the two favourites to win that way we would cash in no matter what. The one favourite came third and the other favourite……………yup, that dead last thing again!!!

Turning tail on this notion for fast cash we hurried over to the local pub to watch the Lions trounce the Roughriders – too bad we didn’t lay on money on THAT sporting event!!!

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