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Modern metro station


Lunch restaurant

Sharing a moment with Peter the Great

Today was our last full day in Moscow.

Although Moscow metro is famous for its old stations, I also like the modern stations.

We spent the morning at Victory Park and its adjacent museum, both dedicated to the Great Patriotic War (1941-45)..

We learnt that the Soviet Union made a vital contribution to the common Victory having borne the brunt of the war at the European theatre of military actions and defeated the main grouping of Japanese troops.

There was a series of fabulous dioramas, where it was difficult to tell where the real objects morphed into the picture behind.

We went for lunch to an amazing "Garden" restaurant. There was (almost) every food you could imagine to choose from. It was cafeteria style, so you walked along and put your choices on your tray. There was so much choice, that I could not decide what to have. Whereas Gordon put so many yummy dishes on his tray that he could not fit in all he had selected.

We spent the afternoon at the grounds and gardens of the Romanov family, including Peter the Great.

This picture is me sharing a moment with Peter the Great.

There are some buildings left, but many have been destroyed. There is stilll a bell tower, a water tower, 2 churches and the bee keepers house.

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