Trans-Siberian Railway 2017 travel blog

Cosmonaut Museum

More walking.

To the

Bolshoi Ballet

To an ancient Chinese teahouse.

Visited the city’s only Lutheran Church.

The main Jewish synagogue.

A Greek Orthodox Church.

We had lunch in a Georgian Restaurant.

Then spent the afternoon at the Cosmonaut Museum.

This is a monument above the Cosmonaut Museum.

This was full of spacesuits, satellites, displays.

Fabulous museum.

At night we went to see the Red Square in the dark.

Suddenly it started to rain - to pour.

We sheltered under an archway in the Kremlin wall.

Photo coming here tomorrow of the rain in Red Square.

Very exciting.

Very dramatic.

Very fun.

It eased up a little after a while.

So we walked home - totally drenched by the time we arrived at our hotel.

The water was over our ankles in places as there is no drainage.

Exciting day.

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