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After 15 hours on plane we weee running on super energy. Thank goodness Mick and Sue got us at Victoria Station. Nice dinner then back to our hotel. Small with twin beds. Hard to sleep but the wine did help! Found they limit to two towels and food thing I had Mary Kay cleansing clothes as no face clothes at all

Room is small but clean and own bathroom. Two singles and no wardrobe. Slept on and off and in the morning walked around the corner for a lovely full breakfast and latte. Must better than hotel as they charged same for a continental.

One thing weird is the T V shuts off at 11pm and key plugs into wall which turns on electricity. Plus rates at front are much more than what I paid. Our travel agent did good

Took a walk around and lots of tiny convenient stores. So picked up a sin card for the phone. Much better than adding trip to Bell also got flakes and a converter for the plug in

Mick picked us up and after Sue joined us and we took the bus she was down to Westminster Abbey. From there Big Ben, Houses of Parliament Trafalga Square and walked around. Covenant Gardens until lunch. Great timing as raining while we had a Guiness and food

Tube to the science museum, but when it rains the crowds swell in the tube. Then the museums. So we left. Museums are free. Visa tap does not work on bus or tube so bought an Oyster card A pass

Kaylin had a good nap and huge diner at Sues. Then back to our room weee we stayed up late. Kaylin starving so bad to get more food and managed a few souvenir shops at midnight. Rain was just sprinkling

Should mention Mick was a great tour guide as he gave history and pointed out the sites.

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