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Red Square

Metro station

Stalin's Secret Bunker

We set out in the morning with our guide, Natalia.

First stop was the Alexander Garden’s of the Kremlin, to watch the changing of the guard - performed in perfect synchronisation of goosestep marching.

Past the queue to see Lenin’s mausoleum, to the Red Square.

Lined by the Kremlin on one side, St Basil’s Cathedral on another, the GUM (state department store) on another, and the History Museum on the other side.

This is the view from GUM, over the Red Square, and to the Kremlin and the Palace behind the Kremlin walls.

We walked to the Bolshoi Ballet, the old KGB building, Lublianka, and many other grand buildings.

We hopped on the metro, and visited some of the beautiful stations, which are decorated with artworks.

Then on to Stalin’s Secret Bunker.

This turned out to be quite a drama, as it is inside a military base, and the soldiers would not let us in. It took us over an hour and a half to convince the army that they should let us in.

Once in, the Bunker was fascinating. Stalin built a sports stadium over the top at the same time, to hide the fact that he was constructing a bunker underneath. Hitler did not bomb the stadium, as he wanted it for the use of the Germans after their planned defeat of Moscow. Clever old Stalin.

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