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Wow a long day! Kaylin arrived 45 min late as rain created thunder storms. So she circled around. Finally landing we walked around and had a good dinner as flight leaves at 9

Pm. She took two gravel to help sleep as we took off.

Now the plane as bloody cold. Like my nose was frozen. So two blankets wrapped around as we drifted off. Two hours into the flight we learned the part for air compression in cabin had failed. So they could not fly over the water. Also the air.conditioning also would not work. Ok that part I was ok with. Now the bad news had to return to Toronto. Back two hours. Landing caused the babies to wake and scream as pressure was nasty. Felt so bad for the mom. We were not allowed to get off and they have run out of food. So hour to fix and then about an hour to prep and take off

Able to sleep a bit now feeling hungary so thank goodness for my Mary Kay roommates that left their snacks, so shared. Then we begin to land...

You hear the wheels come down, the gentle drop, the land is getting close then...a sudden burst from the engines and we go at a rather steep incline up and up. The announcement Ones of our flaps are not working. Circled either one or two hours. Then we land

No problem with customs and luggage was there. Getting the train was confusing from getting the ticket to finding the right train. A few panic calls to our Mick and he guided us Awesome that Mick

and Sue met us at the station. Off for a lovely dinner and remembrance of times past

Hotel looks extremely fancy. Not Canadian so a learning curve. Room key fits in slot that turns the light on. Exhausted now. Off to bed! 15 hours in air. Yikes

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