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Boris Yeltsin museum

A grand old building

Enjoying the summer evening

Started the day with breakfast to give us energy for the day ahead.

We set out at 9.30am on what is advertised as a 2-hour tourist walk.

We arrived home at 6.30pm - 9 hours after we left.

It was a fabulous day.

We spent 3 hours at the Boris Yeltsin Museum. This was 2 floors of interesting articles, videos, photos. All sorts of information. A lot of work had been done to translate displays into English. I suspect we would still be there if it was all in English - there was so much information. Fascinating.

Friday (and Saturday) are the days to be married here. We saw so many couples out in the sunny summer afternoon taking their wedding photos. At least a dozen wedding parties in one park alone. We feel we saw a few bridezillas also.

We continued on our walk and saw many old buildings, many famous buildings, many grand buildings.

Back home very briefly, then out to explore the park opposite our hotel. There were many, many locals out enjoying the warm evening.

Last stop for today was to our local Greenwich shopping mall to buy supplies for the next leg of the trans-siberian train trip tomorrow.

I would love to have more time in this city. Maybe I will come back one winter and see the ice castles in the main city square, and to ride with the dog-sleds.

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