County Line RV Camp[ground, Summit, SD


Saturday - July 22,

Aberdeen, SD

I received a call first thing this morning from Larry, the owner of the County Line RV Campground in Summit, SD.

Larry informed me that he had a recent cancellation and if we were interested we could come in today.

Summit is only a little over an hour away. I told Larry that we would take the site and we started to pack up.

I have been thinking about a portable ice maker for some time and after enduring the muggy heat for the past several days I decided to go ahead and pick one up. Nancy informed me that Walmart has these machines.

Before departing Aberdeen we stopped at Walmart and found a suitable unit. We picked up a few other items and shortly thereafter we were on the road for the short trip to Summit.

Our route today would take us east on Hwy 12. The weather was good. The road conditions were okay and the traffic was light. The scenery is much the same since we left the Black Hills. I rather enjoy this part of South Dakota, weather excepted.


County Line RV Campground

Summit, SD

Saturday - July 22, 2017

We arrived at the County Line RV Campground shortly after noon. Check-in was friendly, efficient and informative.

We pulled onto our site which was not quite level so we took some extra time to get the Silver Twinkie leveled.

I did not even get set camp set up before I met one of our neighbors and engaged in some pleasant conversation.

Meeting other travelers is always a pleasure and I have missed that part of the experience for some time now.

One of our neighbors also winters in Yuma and we compared some experiences. My neighbor on the other side I learned is also originally from Vermont and we also shared similar thoughts on Vermont. Fun stuff.

I started up our new portable ice maker and we were soon enjoying some fresh ice. I suspect that I will enjoy this addition to our modern day appliances. The portable Igloo is performing as advertised.

For dinner we opted for the nightly special at Red's Bar & Grill. We enjoyed a very tasty rib-eye steak.

For the first time in several nights we were not under some sort of weather advisory. We both enjoyed a good nights sleep.


Sunday - July 23,

Woke to a beautiful morning. One of the things that drives me crazy is the smell of other campers cooking bacon.

This morning it was my turn to wake to neighborhood to that pleasure. I cooked a pound of bacon and it was delicious.

Nothing on our agenda for today. I plan to start up the ice maker and relax with my Kindle Reader.


Tomorrow perhaps we will make a trip to Watertown, I just learned of a couple of attractions there.

More later....



Monday - July 24, 2017

Laundry Day:

Nancy was at the laundry detail first thing on Monday morning. A short while later she showed up very upset that her entire laundry had been soiled from the RV park washing machines. Come to find out, the town was flushing water hydrants and iron deposits soiled all the water lines. The campground owner informed her that he would re-wash her laundry and attempt to get the stains out, even taking the wash to Watertown and a commercial laundromat.

Meanwhile we drove to Watertown for some shopping. Our first stop was the Terry Redlin Art Center.

This was a fascinating art center. Free to the public. Mr. Redlin does a lot of art for Ducks Unlimited.


We stopped at Walmart and Nancy replaced several items of clothing that she believed to be ruined.

Upon return to the campground, the owner met us with Nancy's laundry. She was surprised that most of her clothes were salvaged. Come to find out, her laundry was washed in our neighbors rig using RO water and iron remover.

Nancy was satisfied with the end result and thank the campground owners for their efforts.


Tuesday was a genuine kick-back day. It became very warm and humid during the day and once again thunder storms were in the forecast. The storms never materialized but we did receive some rain overnight.

Tomorrow is another travel day.

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