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Small calfing

Aialik Glacier

Bloom of Jelly Fish

Harding Icefields

Aialik Glacier

Today we took a tour on a small boat out to the Harding Icefields. The boat was about 25 feet long. The tour was limited to 6 people and the captain. It was about a 7 hour tour. After we left the protection of Resurrection Bay we hit open sea and 6-8 feet swells. It was a fun bouncy ride. Not fit for people prone to motion sickness. The weather, thankfully, is still sunny and dry.

We saw whales, sea otters, sea lions, all sorts of birds and a bloom of jelly fish. That is what the guide called a very large floating group of jelly fish. It was quite unusual.

We were traveling along the Harding Icefields within Kenai Fjords National park. We saw several glaciers: including Bear, Colgate, and Aialik Glacier. We were within 1/4 mile of the base of Aialik glacier. This glacier is about 1 1/2 miles wide and I think he said 600 feet high. We could hear and see ice chunks hitting the hull of the ship as we approached and left. The glacier makes constant noise, similar to thunder. We kept expecting to very large chunks fall off because the sound was so loud. We did see several small calfings. (Is that a word?)

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