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We were up at 4:30 am. Claudio picked us up about 5:20 to take us to the airport. He escorted us through baggage and the boarding pass area. We said our goodbyes at the security line entrance. We quickly passed through security and headed down to our "cattle call" gate. Another flight was leaving earlier to another destination, as soon as they began boarding, we were able to acquire some seats until our boarding call which was 7:55 for our 8:30 flight.

We in the long line once they started. The lines for the gates would snake back and forth two or three times. They really jammed our bus, luckily they had a new bus for us when we got to the head of the line and Jean was able to acquire a seat. Quick ride to the plane and then boarding.

We found our seats, 25K & 25L. We had to ask the stewardess how to use the two prong headphone in the single prong socket. Well, you push one of the prongs down, who knew? I watched two movies on the flight, Why Him? and Beauty and the Beast. Jean watched Life and Hidden Figures. Our breakfast on the plane was an omelet. It was ok. When you are hungry, ...

We had to wait almost to the end for our luggage. The 787-9 was a large plane, a 3-3-3 seat combination across, so it held 280 passengers. While waiting I adjusted my watch back two hours.

We were greeted at the airport by Maitu, a young woman from Mahinatur. She placed the customary lai on us. She then drove us through town on a little tour pointing out things to do before taking us to our hotel which is not too far from the airport. Maitu will also be our tour guide tomorrow.

After settling in, we went for an exploratory walk along the main street, Atamu Tekena street. Most shops close between 1:00 and 5:00 for siesta. But, we found some that were open, including a market where we were able to purchase a large bottle of water for tomorrow's all day tour. We explored a couple of souvenir shops, and by gosh, sold post cards. I bought one to send to Nora. (With selfies and social media, you don't see many post cards for sale anymore.). A park we passed was a wifi free area.

We walked down along the ocean on the way back. Took a picture of our first moai at Otai. We then returned to the hotel and went down to their restaurant for dinner. It was early, but we wee hungry and the reception desk told us it was open from 12:30 on. We were the only customers while we were there. I ha a nice pork entree with a local fruit sauce. Jean had stuffed chicken (cheese and bacon) with fries and local veggies, which she enjoyed.

Afterwards, we returned to the room. It had been a very long day. Unfortunately, the TV only received four channels, and none were in English. The movies were dubbed instead of subtitles.

One quick note: We are on an island with small infrastructure. One thing required of us was to flush no paper down the toilet. They provide a covered receptacle. The toilet did not have much water pressure so you would have to flush more than once. Island life.

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