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Taupo park at night

The Huka falls

Mead wine at the Huka honey farm

Chili con carne night!


Beautiful lake Taupo

We arrived in Taupo in the evening after a quick one hour bus ride from Rotorua. We took a quick walk around the small park near the bus station as they illuminate during the winter months. We both decided we immediately liked this place.

We decided to stay in a hostel close to the centre having stayed in AirBnB's since arriving in New Zealand.

Our hostel was lovely and had the cheapest beers in Taupo which suited us just fine. We had a private room with an ensuite which was also a bonus.

The next morning we decided to head up to the Huka falls and the Huka honey hive which is about a 15km return walk. On the way to the falls we stopped by the Taupo bungy centre to watch some people take the plunge. After deciding that it wasn't for us (although Katie is still debating doing one in the future) we continued our walk. The walk followed the path of the river for a good few kilometres. The colour of the water was a beautiful emerald green colour and was crystal clear. Along the way we saw beautiful birds and even a tiny mouse which wasn't afraid of us at all.

We arrived at the Huka falls and were in awe at the power and sound of the river as it gushed under the bridge we stood on. The water at this point changed from green to a beautiful blue as it made its way through the rapids and out the other side.

From the falls we continued up to the Huka honey hive where we got to try different honeys such as lavender honey and manuka honey. We also tried some mead wine and read about bees. Very random but all free!

Back at the hostel we had signed up to chilli con carne and beer night. It did not disappoint!

The next day we were catching our bus to Napier so took it very easy. We spent most of it just strolling the shops but we did stumble across what I am sure is the coolest McDonalds we are likely to ever see! We also visited the beautiful lake Taupo which, when the clouds finally parted, was beautiful as on the fat side of the lake you can see snow covered peaks... The first time we have seen snow since our adventure began!

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