Where in the world are Wayne and Donna heading now travel blog

Wayne all geared up & ready to go

he's off - that first step is the toughest!

Wayne's got the hang of it and is loving the ride!

Donna - "look Ma, no hands!"

our photographer is on the job.....even from a zipline

Wayne feels like he is flying

see the guy going by the falls - what a birdseye view

Donna - coming in hot!

Donna is flying through the air with the greatest of ease.....and havin'...

rescuing a stranded zipline - these guys were the crew so they...

If you’ve never tried zip-lining………………….give it a go! It is a blast!!!!!! When we arrived on The Rock we inquired about zip-lining at the Port aux Basques Visitors Centre. The young girl there suggested Marble Mountain – THE place to zip-line in all of Newfoundland.

And today is the day! A group of 17 gathered at the marshalling area and the nervous energy was palpable. Several had never had the pleasure of this activity and they were clearly questioning their sanity in making the decision to fly 600’ above a roaring waterfall on steel cables……………and to do this 9 times in ever lengthening flights!!! The crew consisted of 6 young guys who took great pleasure in assuring us all that, even though this was only their second day on the job they were pretty certain they got the jist of it from the YouTube video they watched the other night. The lady beside me, Barb, was swallowing everything they said and they, in turn, were getting the exact

reaction they had hoped for! Good start to a fun morning……

Suffice it to say……………it was sooooooo much fun! On the last, longest & fastest zip you arrive back at the main chalet (this is at a ski resort). Three of the staff are there to catch you, unhook you and send you on your way to get your gear off. As you come full speed into the landing area you can see all three of them yelling at you and pulling down with their hands and frantically calling to you to do…………….something. You can’t hear them because the wind is whistling by your ears……………but you see them………..and you panic! What, what, what – what am I supposed to be doing? What? Pull what? By this time you have gone right by them and then WHAM! you hit the stoppers in the cable & roll back down to where they are waiting. By now you think you have screwed up royally and are feeling stupid that you missed some instruction somewhere along the line. In the 3 seconds it takes you to roll to the landing platform you realize you didn’t do anything wrong. The guys are laughing like crazy…………….another sucker……did you see the look on her/his face…………..a very sick sense of humour, to be sure!!! But a great end to an amazingly wonderful experience!

Another of our discoveries on our walking trip through town yesterday was that the best jig’s dinner in Newfoundland is right in Corner Brook – that’s what they told us! So nothing would do but that Wayne had to give this Newfie tradition a try. After a quick drive along the North Shore we headed back into town to sample true Newfoundland fare. Unfortunately by the time we arrived they had already sold out so we will have to see if we can find the second best jig’s dinner further south!

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