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love thee roads that go right along the water

our last view of The Tablelands - from here it looks like...

beautiful sea, beautiful Sky, Gros Morne is a beautiful place

Copper Canyon Trail waterfall - an unexpected gem

the headland we hiked to at Bottom Cove

just like a Mexican sidewalk - no walkin' and gawkin' here!

cool sea cave at the Bottom Cove entrance

Sad to say a final good-bye to Rocky Harbour but anxious to check out Corner Brook just down the road – the story of our lives on Newfoundland. One place is wonderful but we want to know what’s around the next corner! We had a bunch of info about Corner Brook as we had stopped at the visitor’s centre on our way north from Port Aux Basques almost a month ago. Wow it’s been a month already!

After dropping our trailer at the regional RV Park we walked around downtown and were sad to see yet another city lose its business center to strip malls on the highway. Unfortunately the tourist shops downtown had long since shut their doors along with several other businesses trying to compete with the likes of Walmart! A poster in one store advertised live music so we stopped in the host pub and inquired about this possibility. There were a couple of young ladies tending setting up the bar for the night and they were only too glad to stop what they were doing & chat for a while. Ya gotta just LOVE Newfoundlanders and their need to share & the pleasure they seem to get from chin-waggin’ the time away!

Unfortunately the act didn’t get going until 11pm but they told us of another act at the pub down the street that starts at 8pm. “Thanks so much for dropping in”, “good to meet you”, “enjoy your trip”, “come back again”, “drive safe”……..as we inch toward the door. Sure enough the pub down the street has a “Reel & Trewe Histry of NewFOUNDland”. So we book into that and continue on our wanderings.

We decided to then take a drive down the South Shore Road to scope out a potential mountain hike for tomorrow. Signage & information on the hikes in this area seem to be at a premium and depending on who you talk to the hike will be either 3 hours or 6 to 7 hours! Hoping that there would be someone coming off the trail to give us accurate information, we arrived at the trailhead but…..no such luck! As a consolation prize we walked into a waterfall, which turned out to be a nice little walk with a very pretty waterfall.

Highway 430, aka The South Shore, follows a very scenic waterfront route through several towns that appear to be bedroom communities for Corner Brook. Not a whole lot of “fishing villages” along this stretch but it is a beautiful drive. The end of the road is at Bottle Cove where a lovely boardwalk leads you along a pretty sandy beach and because it is such a gorgeous day there are several folks out enjoying the water, the sand & the view. At the end of the boardwalk a trail circles uphill and through the woods before climbing onto a beautiful grassy headland. The views from here were stunning as we sat in the warm sun watching waves crash into a huge sea cave on the opposite headland while the water lapped at the beach inside the protected cove. Croatia, New Zealand and of course Vancouver Island all boast beautiful sea coasts but in our opinion none compare to the views we have experienced while in NFLD. Every corner of this province offers wonderful, diverse vistas…….and who knew, certainly not us!

The “Reel & Trewe Histry of NewFOUNDland” wasn’t really our cup of tea so, again in un-Turnerlike fashion, we decided to bug out early. You can’t win them all as we have been very lucky with the live performances we have caught so far. At the time that Wayne suggested we “ditch this joint” I didn’t realize that the BC Lions game was on the radio. Once back at the trailer Wayne zoned in on the sports station and we were snug as a bug in a rug listening to the Lions kick Hamilton’s butt - Roar you Lions, Roar!!!

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