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Walk in the rain forest

Amazon walk


Poissoned stick insect

Underground snake


Janine, Alison, Lynne & Carolyn




Me in Jungle-Gear



Lynne and Janine from balcony

View from room in jungle lodge

Living area of lodge

Lodge dining room

View from room

Relaxing a little


The Shaman

Trainee Shamen

Heinz's clenzing

Jody's clenzing


Tena is just a stop-over on our way to the jungle lodge in the heart of the Amazon.

Although slightly anxious having broken my nose last time, I decided to go rafting for the day on the Upper Napo river. This river is 1400Km long before it hits the Amazon and the same volume of water is discharged into the Amazon from it each day than passes through London from the Thames each year. (been listening to the guide!)

The rapids were only grade 3 but had great fun and performed lots of balancing tricks and fell in enough to stay cool! Lunch was a picnic on the beach and an energetic game of ultimate-frisbee.

Moving into the jungle we stayed for 3 nights in an amazing lodge, perched on the edge of a steep gorge - views were amazing. The first evening I went for a night walk through the jungle, but really there were too many of us in the group making such a lot of noise that we didn't see too much!!

Didn't see overly a lot the next morning either when guided on another walk, but did do lots of climbing of rocks which was great fun, followed by an afternoon of tubing slowly down the river and visiting a local community (village). Decided to sacrifice the potential of tanning to avoid being bitten alive and think I am nearly the only person to have escaped looking like I have the small-pox!

Another day we were taken on an walk whereby we followed the bed on a stream up, and had to climb waterfalls, some with ropes, others without. Naturally I was nimble as a mountain goat and really enjoyed that though very relieved to spend some of the afternoon relaxing by a fresh-water lagoon and sliding down / jumping off the rocks.

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