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Glacial mountains of the Chugach Range

Brilliant green and bright white


More glaciers

Lining up waiting for the tunnel

Tunnel once was for the trains, now include the cars

One way on the half hour, the opposite direction on the hour

Welcome to Whittier

Large apartment building where everyone lives in Whittier

Large Marina

Large Hotel by the marina

Native totem

Whimsical fish Kodak moment

Larry and the whale carvings

Clowning around

Looks better on Larry

This bay goes out to Prince William Sound

Water takes on the turquoise of the Glacial melt.

Lots of fishing boats going out to the sound

Pretty duck in the marina

So many waterfalls coming down from the glacier


Native artwork on Moose antlers

More Native artwork on shop steps

More glacial snow pack

Approaching the tunnel under the mountain

This glacier shows the blue colors

Our GPS shows we are under the mountain in the tunnel

Two and a half miles of tunnel coming to the end

Portage Glacier and Lake

Close up of Portage Glacier

Beautiful drive along the glacial river

Loving the aqua color of the rivers

We went to Whittier today, through a 2.5 mile tunnel under the mountain It was originally built for trains then added the autos later. Whittier is mostly about glacier cruises or sea animal viewing, boat excursions, kayaking, fishing trips. We walked around the shops for about an hour and a half enjoying the amazing glacier views.

This is an interesting site to learn about Whittier, Alaska.

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