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Wind Turbines Along the Drive

Funny Face Barn

Our New Campsite

View From Calgary West Campground

The drive from Waterton to Calgary was 170 miles. It is mostly highway but we did have to go through part of the city to get to our campground. Along our route there were miles of wind generators. We also saw this adorable barn (see pictures).

When we arrived, we got settled into our site with 30amp service which should have been fine as the temperature was around eighty. However, after running one air conditioner for less than an hour, the power went off. It seems that the two RVs on this power pole cannot run AC at the same time. After calling the office, we were told there was nothing they could do as the maintenance man had gone for the day and the owner was not available. After going back and forth for a while, we decided to stay with their promise that someone would come to look at it in the morning. We'll see. We would certainly not recommend this campground for anyone else. It has a nice view but they certainly do not know how to handle problems.

Luckily we will be gone all afternoon and evening tomorrow since we will be at the stampede and later at the fireworks. For tonight, we will just make do.

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