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Our friend John picked us up cat 4:00 to take us to the Marriott at Newark Liberty Airport. After we checked in and dropped our bages in our room, we headed back down to the lobby to have dinner at the hotel restaurant. We were seated quickly and after placing our order, we waited forever for our dinner to arrive (30 minutes). We had only ordered two entree. I had a pork entree and Jean had a prosciutto and arugula flatbread. We did not order desert. I did not wish to wait another 30 minutes. We returned to the room and watched TV and went to sleep early for our 4:30 wake-up.

We were up early to catch the shuttle bus for our flight to Miami. We are using Miami as our "home base" city for this trip. We obtained our boarding passes quickly (got to love those kiosks) and headed to security. Now, Jean and I both have TSA precheck approval which helps speed you through security, bypassing the regular lines. Plus, you. don't have to remove your computer or shoes. However, Jean's bin was pulled aside. The TSA agent pulled up her coat and saw it had been covering her book. I think they thought the coat was obscuring a computer.

We waited at the gate until our zone was called. Once on the plane there was no entertainment or meal service, unless you paid. So I just read and dozed during the short 2 1/2 hour flight. We landed, disembarked and procured our luggage. Then we trekked from H terminal over to E terminal to the Miami Airport Hotel. It was onky 11:00 in the morning, so I said to the receptionist that if they did not have an avaiable room, would they be able to store the luggage? His reply was that they do not have luggage storage, but a room was ready for us. Great!

Up in the room we rested a little.

The TV reception was heavy snow on all channels. A call to the front desk had a maintenance guy there quickly. The verdict was that they were working in other areas of the building and it would be ok in a couple of hours or we could move. Jean chose to wait. However, by 6:00 it still wasn't any better, so another call was placed and a new maintenance guy appeared. He said it. would take him an hour to fix, so we moved to a new room with better TV.

In between the TV problems, we wanted to have our supper. Unfortunately, the hotel restaurant, which wew have eaten in numeous times, was now permanetly closed. So off we went through the airport looking for restaurants on this side of the security gates for each terminal, which really cut down. on our choices. We finally ended up at a Chili's restaurant. Not to bad. It has been years since I had been to a Chili's. I had a hamburger and Jean had prime rib soft tacos. We were satisfied with the selections.

After the TV move, we just relaxed, watched TV, and set the alarms and hit the sack.

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