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The Tablelands creek

we gotta climb up THERE!

so up, up, up we go!

PHEW! - we made it at last

long way back down to the truck, Wadoberu

beautiful view from up here....but not a lot of shade!

heading off through the boulder field on the Green Garden Trail

adding to the cairn

pretty section of trail even though you have to watch every step

at least we can see the water...but it's a LONG WAY below...

made it! this is a beautiful spot and worth the hike

the million dollar view from our picnic spot

sea stacks on the sea shore

looks like a west coast beach

one tough little plant...the only one on a wall of rock....you hang...

these stairs were a LOT harder to walk on than they look....especially...

The Tablelands is a section of the earth’s mantle which was exposed and pushed skyward back when NFLD was actually connected to Africa thousands of years ago. Very little grows on these mountains because of the acidic mineral content of the land, contrasting the tree covered mountains on the other side of the valley. There is a guided walk at 10am which means that it is ANOTHER early start to the day (oh for a day to sleep in!). The park guide was informative as she described this unique part of the world. A Park Ranger had told us about a huge “bowl” reached by an off-trail hike alongside a very, very small creek. When we reached the creek we left the large group and began following the faint trail as it zig-zaged up the mountain. It was hot and challenging as we wound our way up, up, up through the large boulders – no flat ground around here! Eventually topping the brim we entered a huge bowl in the side of the slope. The view across the valley was excellent with our truck in the parking lot looking tiny from this distance. Wadoberu was impressed!

We made a careful descent picking our way through the large rocks as a fall here would have been painful. It was close to noon by the time we reached the truck and headed for Green Gardens hike down to the seashore. We loaded up our lunch and bug spray and started up the winding trail……another UP! Almost no level ground on this hike as you climb for the first third then the trail enters the forest and descends steeply for almost an hour. You finally emerge on a cliff-side meadow above the sea with great views. We slump into a pair of the famous red chairs and dig into our lunch. Both of us are already dreading the hike back up as we wearily trudge down the long stairs to the beach. It features sea stacks similar to those on Brady’s Beach in Bamfield back home so we feel obliged to take a few pics. We select a pair of sticks for the steep ascent because of course my hiking pole is sitting back in the truck!

Our previous hikes in Gros Morne have been well boardwalked and smooth so we were caught off-guard by the steepness and mud of this hike. Donna was going slower & slower but kept telling herself to just put one foot in front of the other – it was a grind! The last 30 minute trudge across a rock strewn boulder field was a challenge as we kept bumping our tired feet into the gazillions of rocks strewn around. We were a pair of tired, sweaty puppies as we finally crested the last of the uphill.

Trout Creek and Woody Point are a pair of pretty coast towns that we felt we should have a look at but in truth we were just looking forward to a hot shower and putting our sore feet up. I only remember feeling this beat one other time – at the end of our long, long day on the Camino Trail. And the shower here was as good as the shower in Spain!

There was a kitchen party at the local pub after supper that we had wanted to experience. When Wayne got up and announced that it was time to go Donna just sat looking at him…….really??? However we mustered up our strength and left the trailer…...with Donna gazing back at it in the rearview mirror longingly!

The fellow leading the music was full of stories and jokes and our group, mostly seniors from a bus tour and hardly a wild looking bunch, were soon laughing and clapping along. Fast forward 2 hours and folks are enthusiastically singing and using ugly sticks and shakers the band distributed to keep the beat. Others were up on the dance floor and some even singing at the extra microphone the band had set up for anyone inspired to sing a tune or two. It’s amazing what a couple of beer and cider can do to rejuvenate your feet as we joined in both the singing……and dancing! They played their last song then one more and another before wrapping up. The last order of business was to screech-in a large group of folks. Once they had all kissed the cod and were honorary Newfoundlanders we all sang Oh Canada to end the evening. What a great time.

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