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From our overnight spot by the Deer Lake library we made the short drive to Rocky Harbour in jig time! Stopping at Gros Morne visitors center we emerged with a fist full of paperwork and hiking ideas. This area has numerous trails and even a boat cruise up a fjord which is supposed to be excellent. There is also live entertainment every night at the Rocky Harbour pub and live theatre up the road in Cow head. Wow this promises to be a great stop!!!

Our first stop after getting set up was in the pub in town to make some reservations for various activities. The Norris Point pub has live music for a couple of hours every Sunday afternoon and with this being Sunday afternoon we decided to check it out. The clouds were ominous as we entered the bar only to discover most of the seating was outside. Joining the dozen or so other hearty souls we settled in and enjoyed both the music and scenery around us - over a Quidi Vidi beer. The large deck extended out into the harbour so there were fantastic views of the Long Range Mtns and Bonne Bay. What a spot to relax and spend some time!

The singer was a local guy with a good voice who played a mixture of local tunes and rock covers. He just got started and a tour boat slid alongside with most of the passengers heading onto our deck to enjoy a drink. Before long the sun poked out which made the experience all that much more sweet. It was a great afternoon as locals mixed with us tourists enjoying the songs and stories of our entertainer. A couple walked in who he introduced as his Mom and Dad and he launched into a beautiful ballad he had sung at the start of his set. It told of giving up the bright, city lights for the beauty of hometown NFLD. Dad told everyone it was his Mom’s favorite so he always played it for her. It appears that most folks here have a unique love of their homeland and family that we don’t share on the west coast. This is one of the aspects that Donna appreciates above all else in Newfoundland. They have deep roots on the island, are extremely proud to be islanders, their own stories, songs & music passed down from one generation to the next. It creates such an admirable connection to their family, their town, their country. Very touching & wonderful to watch.

At the end of the show and all too soon we were off for a quick bite then on to Cow’s head for an evening of theatre. The plan was to head up a little early and scope out the area. As we neared the ocean we headed into a thick blanket of fog……a very THICK blanket of fog. So driving into any viewpoints or walking to the lighthouse was a bit of a waste of time. This happened to us at Palee Point Lookout in Hawaii one year, not being able to see your hand in front of your face! So we learned from that experience – going to a lookout in the fog……………..not that spectacular.

The theatre was small but had excellent sightlines and for the next 90 minutes we were treated to a wonderful performance. The two homecare workers soon had us all roaring with laughter as their situations got more and more convoluted. Their care had died in the washroom, they found a winning horse race ticket on his bureau……and what ensues is hilarious. The expressions and interactions between the ladies was outstanding. Who would have thought a little town the size of Coombs would produce such great theatre. It was one of the funniest plays we have been to and would highly recommend anyone attend a performance of “Fly Me to the Moon”, if you get a chance.

We emerged from the theatre to find the fog even thicker. Great, now how had we got into town? Finally getting to the main highway we found “peasoup” so travelled slowly hoping tonight wouldn’t be the time we meet a moose close up. We might still be driving except another car came along and passed us so we were able to speed up as we hoped he knew the road better than us? Close to Rocky Harbour the fog suddenly vanished and we saw a huge full moon set in a sky of stars. A wonderful way to end a fun day.

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