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isn't this pretty

natural sea arch by Beau Bois Beach

their very attractive beachside picnic area in a town of about 12...

Donna liked this photo!

bird condos on the beach

Burin waterfront with a nice boardwalk on the left

the Turtle Ilands in Burin Bay

Mariner's Memorial in Grand Bank - notice the widow walk on the...

see the name plates.......

.....shining in the water below the statue

a couple of shots of the name plates.....

.....with the names reflecting on the rocks below

Moving day after 4 nights in pretty Brigus. We loaded up early (well by 8:30AM – that IS early!) and dropped the trailer at Jacks Pond RV Park, 100 km west, then headed out to do the Burin Peninsula. The road south pretty much ran down the middle of this arm with a few side roads but no towns for 150km. This section was good (ie few potholes!) so we hammered down and whizzed past countless ponds and boulder fields. Occasionally we would pass a travel trailer pulled onto a patch of gravel beside a pond or a couple of times a few trailers grouped together alongside a river – great booney-cruising territory! But other than a couple of fishermen in the rivers or ponds, there were few other people on this entire stretch.

Eventually we pulled into Marystown tourist info for some local maps and info. A couple of young, giggling girls offered little in destination information but they delivered it with such enthusiasm and perkiness we thanked them profusely for their help. The hand-drawn town map was very difficult to read so we went off on our own (as we often do!) down a road that wound a circuitous route through the many small seaside towns. Most had made their living from the sea but locals told us it was mainly tourism and oilfields of Ft Mac and Hibernia that provided for families these days. Fortune, another town, has the ferry terminal for St Pierre and Miquelon to draw tourist dollars. We had debated whether to go to these French islands but time was a bit of a factor plus, from the research we had done it seems that other than purchasing in the Euro there was little “France” there. So reluctantly we chose to spend the time in Gros Morne and had to settle with a view from Fortune & Grand Bank.

Our favorite town was Grand Bank with its heritage walk and beautiful mariner’s memorial. A life-size statue depicting a woman looking out to sea from her “widows walk” is set beside a manmade pond fed by a small waterfall. A widow’s walk is a railed platform built on the roof of a Victorian home that provided an unimpeded view of the sea. Women (mothers, sisters, wives, etc.) would stand on the widows walk watching for a light from a fishing vessel signifying it was coming home. The pond that the female statue was looking out over has a small island which you reach from a wooden bridge. Stainless steel nameplates on short rods are set in the water attached to the rocks in the pond, with a plate for each person lost at sea. The names are actually cut out of the steel and as the sun shines through the water you also can read the reflection of each name on the rocks below. It is a very serene and beautiful spot surrounded by lawn and flowers in the yard of the town’s museum. A very touching tribute to the men and women who perished at sea.

Many old buildings and homes have been restored in Grand Bank and there is a walk describing the history of some of them. One useful tidbit those giggling tourist info girls shared was about was a café in Grand Bank that served outstanding cheesecake. REALLY! So while Wayne studied the hundreds of old artifacts displayed around the café, Donna studied the cheesecake options. She reasoned that we must sample the local fare (shop local she always says!) as she clutched her take out box. Wayne noted, but wisely did not mention, that this rule did not extend to local fare such as cod tongues!

We both saw a whale spout and surface just offshore as we wandered along the waterfront drive admiring the colorful homes in this lovely neighbourhood. It was after 6pm when we completed our circuit, stopping once more in Marystown for dinner before the 3 hour drive home. It seems moose spotting and salmon fishing must be somehow connected as Wayne consistently gets skunked in both endeavors.

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