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the cool boat display

look at the detail in this oil rig

even a lighthouse, authentic Newfoundland

Ferryland lighthouse - not a lot of vegetation around this guy!

you too could buy a $27 lunch & eat here!

nice to know Ferryland is well protected

Trespassey from the lighthouse walk we went on

Brigus harbour

this is such a pretty little town

beautiful memorial to Mr. Bartlett, an arctic explorer that grew up in...

another shot of the Brigus harbour

The Irish loop of the Avalon Peninsula was our mission today and the warm sun and blue skies were very welcomed. The proximity to St John’s along this east coastline has meant many new, large homes in this area. A turn off the highway down towards the water would bring us to the older more established areas where small, unique homes on narrow roads enjoyed wide sea vista’s. This seemed to be the case in each community down the coast and our many deviations from highway 10 almost always rewarded us with photo ops of some kind.

The homes along this coast are not as unique as the ones in the "outports" but still have some great settings beside the sea. Gone are the colourful houses with the colourful doors of the northern peninsulas as these homes are mostly white with little character at all.

Driving along looking at the scenery we quickly pulled over when we saw miniatures boats floating on a bit of a pond. These things were incredible. Some guy had gone to a lot of work to create this eye-catching display. There was a fellow coming out of a house across the street so we asked if this was his handi-work and he grunted "yup" and walked away. First Newfie we have run across that didn't want to tell us his life story!

Ferryland was particularly busy with tourists. A bumpy ride on a poor gravel road took us to the lighthouse parking area, then a blustery hike out to the light itself. Its idyllic setting on a grassy knoll surrounded by wide meadows was popular. Also popular is the offer of a picnic lunch, including a large blanket to sit on, at a price tag of $27.00 each for a pre-made sandwich! Despite Donna’s dismay at the price many were lined up to take advantage of this…..deal? We settled for a few photos then continued south lunching at a water view restaurant in Trespassey, with a spectacular view of the town and the lighthouse on the point. Coming onto another bumpy road out to the lighthouse we, instead, settled for a hike up to the hilltop with tremendous views in all directions.

One of the things about NFLD that has surprised us is the changing topography in a matter of a few miles. At times it resembles Vancouver Island with rocks, trees and rushing streams. Then a kilometre down the road you are on a plateau of grasses and low brush with hundreds of “ponds” as they call them, with excellent sightlines to fantastic ocean views. There are also fields of huge boulders which were apparently left by glaciers anywhere from 10,000 years ago to several millions of years ago, depending on where you are on the peninsula. The sea is often in view so it becomes one amazing vista after another all day long. It was a great drive as it offered another glimpse into a different part of the province.

We returned home with time to jump on our bikes and explore nearby Brigus. It turns out to be a charming little village full of pretty cottages with hiking trails, parks and wharfs in a compact harbour surrounded by tall grassy hills with rocky outcroppings. Donna says that, so far, it is the prettiest village she has seen on Newfoundland. The houses were neat & tidy, well-maintained, colourful and with the addition of narrow winding roads it felt warm and inviting. It was a workout hiking the many hills around but well worth the effort – PHEW!

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