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Paddling in the bay all is going well.

Landie is dead the electrical system fried

Kids watching the forigners

Reality of aids in the region both kids showing lesions

Every one gathers round for picture time

The long walk back

Arrived at Bomvu after a long drive through many different isolated areas, rolling hills and green ronduvalls scatterred everywhere. A very good day of driving but the pot holes, goats, cows, and people in the road would make it impossible at night.

"Chris Melton at Bomvu"

My best friend growing up is named Chris Melton and when I signed up on the list just under my name was Chris Melton, from Santa Barbara California, wrong Chris Melton. I figured I would have to meet this guy anyway. That night we started the relaxing bomvu experience and just chatted and relaxed. We hung out talked with the staff and had an early night.

"The 4X4 incident"

All six of us pile into a Land Rover pick up truck along with muffys wheelchair a kayak, ice chest and other miscelaneus items. Not the most comfortable or safe system but hey why not we are in the wild coast of South Africa. A short ride to the top of an overlook and out we pile of the car. As we looked off the edge 100 plus dolphins were swimming below us catching waves and flipping out of them backwards what a cool vision. Four of us climbed down while Muffy drove with our feerless leader Mark down to the beach.

Nice hike and first off paddling were eddie and tina from Germany. Then Muffy and I went for a paddle. after a little while we decided to head back up the hill and the landie was not happy after two stall, smoke, and a good smell of the elecrical system burning we got out while Mark went for help.

The crowd of kids started gathering and soon enough we were with a bunch of local kids hanging out. The sad part a few of the young kids in the group were already showing lesions from aids. They stayed until the candy bars came out and off they went.

Tired of waiting we started the trek back while mark stayed with the landie waiting for help to arrive. Eddie was impressed with muffys and my four wheel driving skills in her wheelchair and said the first non boring americans he had met. Long good hike and we were back to Bomvu for wine and relaxation.

Later that night I even met Chris Melton we chatted a bit and actually hit it off very well. Another really cool Chris Melton in my life this one a surfer from Santa Barbara.

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