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Fresh coffee & sunshine on the morning we left Seward

Bear cub at the lodge where we ate breakfast

One of the many planes in Alaska

Looking for Stone sheep on the high ridges

Road is cut right out of a mountain

Glacier at Portage

Silt filled creek behing campsite at Portage

Campsite at Portage

Mansion for sale at Talkeetna

Moose antlers at Talkeetna Lodge

Bear trap

Caribou antlers in velvet

mama and cubs

Three cubs

Bulls in standoff

Stone sheep (Ram)

Walrus tusk & boar skull

Mama with two of her own & two orphans

Moose calves

Princess Lodge at Denali's 'Glitter Gulch'

Glitter Gulch torist trap

Starting to decend into Glitter Gulch canyon

In the canyon

See any guardrails?

The gravel depth is 1000' above ground & 2500' below ground according...

What sounds any worse than the pumpkin "thud" of a head hitting the ground and Nancy's voice crying out in sheer pain. Nancy, with her arms full of 'stuff' starts off the rear platform of the camper and misses the step. Down she falls, backward, onto the hardback gravel driveway. I got to her within three seconds to find her eyes closed and lips clenched tight. My first concern was how hard had her head hit the ground and was there any damage to the hip she had replaced six summers ago. She was conscious and complaining of pain to the back of her head and left shoulder.

I got her son, Chad's attention, so he could call 911 and get the ambulance on the way. I checked for bleeding, other than her elbow, there was none. I gently placed a pillow under her head, because it was resting on rocks in the driveway and covered her up with a blanket because she said she was cold.

While we waited for the ambulance to arrive, Nancy was talking and said the most pain she had was in her upper back and left shoulder area. She was able to lift her left leg by herself without any discomfort, which I took as a good sign her new hip joint had survived the fall.

Eight long minutes later, the ambulance shows up and shortly after that Chad's wife and her mother, Barbara, arrive to assist. The ambulance crew assess Nancy and offers to drive her to the hospital in Fairbanks, which is two hours north, for a fee large enough to purchase a new camper. Nancy feels much better now and just asks for assistance from the crew to her bed in the camper. Twenty seconds after the ambulance leaves, Nancy states something is seriously wrong and she wants to go to the hospital.

Barbara, who had plans to go camping for the July 4th weekend with her husband and daughter, graciously offers to drive us to the hospital and wait to bring us home if that was in the prognosis. Off we go and two hours later we help Nancy into the treatment center.

Paperwork starts and then the realization comes that Nancy has no I/D with her and the clerk offers the notion that they positively can't give treatment without an I/D. Oh BOY....Jerry's GENTLE persuasion comes to the forefront and Nancy is shortly ushered into a triage room. As my boss would say, I am a 'people' kind of person and have taken several 'sensitivity' classes, to which I failed on all of them.

Doc checks her out and has this big frown on his face all through the first five minutes of questions to and of prodding and poking Nancy. Alas, comes a big smile on the little shrimp of a Docter's face. He says, "I know what the problem is. You want the good news or the bad news first?"

Nancy looks at me with a fearsome expression on her face, which I take as my cue to step up to the plate and get the good or the bad out of little Doc's brain. It seems the hip is fine, the bump on the head may cause a slight headache, the elbow can be cleaned up with some stinging solution, but she has five ribs that have popped out of the fascia anchoring position next to the spinal column.

Several hops and jumps by the Doc and a few moans from Nancy and her ribs are back in original position or as close as they can be. A prescription of muscle relaxers, a handful of ibuprofen and Nancy is good to go. Two hour drive south and we are back to the camper.

Thanks to the good Graces from GOD, Nancy was not hurt worse than she was. We are both thankful. Also thanks to Chad, Vanessa, and Barbara for all their support and help. This morning Nancy is VERY sore, but able to get around. This part of the Adventure of a lifetime, I could have certainly done without.

The pictures were taken on our last morning in Seward, and at the Portage campground where we stayed for one night before the drive to Healy. We are visiting with Chad and family for a while and will let Nancy heal somewhat before we hit the highway again.

Enjoy all and thanks for the continued kind words and messages we are receiving from folks.


Jerry & Nancy

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