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To Chicken over Top of the World Hwy

Cueing up for the Ferry

Motorhome with tow car and bikers

Exiting on the other side

Taking off for Top of the World Highway

Loading Bikers before us

Now crossing the Yukon

GPS shows us in the river

Bikers left the ferry, now us

Headed up to the Top of the World Highway

Looking back at Dawson

Amazing vistas

So many layers of mountains

Bicycle camper going to Dawson

Very green deep valleys

Miles & miles of this kind of view

At least 7 layers here

Up and away goes our highway

Castle Rock

Our highway diagonally on highest mountain ahead

Some left over snow on hillside


Another view of our highway

A bit of a dusty road

We kept seeing our highway ahead

All I can say is . . . Wow

Turn a corner and more road ahead

Highest point on the road shows us the Border Crossing

Time to change clocks

About an hour waiting at the border

Welcome to Alaska

GPS confirms the border

The river winds below

The motorcycle accident and ambulance

More winding road

Now you see the road. . . now you don't

Following the Jack Wade Creek

People panning for gold in the creek

South Fork River

A slow spot

Filling "Side dumper" trucks with dirt and rocks

Taking them west and coming back empty

We arrived at Chicken

Chicken Creek Outpost

Many locations on signs named for chickens

Old gold mining dredge to tour

Funny scrap metal chicken

Our campsite

Dredge and gold panners

They are actually finding gold pieces in the local dirt

We went up to see the Big Chicken and road signs

Cafe greeter

Another strange metal sculpture

Across the street, the local bar

Today we boarded the Ferry to cross the Yukon to continue to Alaska on the Top of the World Highway. The highway was decent on the Yukon side, no potholes as in 2009. About 50 miles gravel road was pretty good, with few washboard areas then pavement with a few repair spots at 80 km marker.

Happily, it was a sunny day on Top of The World Highway with views of many layers of mountains. So often on this leg of our trip we could see the highway extending great distances ahead.

“Yukon Highway 9 began as a pack trail out of Dawson City shortly after the gold rush. It serviced “Sixty-mile” and neighboring gold creeks. The trail was gradually improved and came to be known as Ridge Road. In the 1930’s, the road was extended to the border and from there to Jack Wade and Chicken, connecting these eastern Alaskan communities to Dawson City in Canada. In the late 1940’s, Alaska’s Taylor Highway gave all these communities road access to the outside world by way of the newly completed Alaska Highway.”

From the vantage of the highest point on the highway, we could see the border crossing ahead. Its location is called Poker Creek. As we approached the border we were surprised to see a line of RVs and motorcycles. Since we had been passed by the motorcyclists and not seen other RVs ahead of us it was strange to see so many waiting in line.

Finally, one of the Canadian guards came along to inform everyone of the delay. There had been an accident with injuries nine miles west of the crossing, a biker had gone down. There are only two guards for each side and one of the US border guards had to go to the accident scene with medical supplies, leaving only one guard to process the incoming travelers. With so many bikers going back to Tok after the rally weekend in Dawson, they had to be processed one at a time. Slow process. We were held up for over an hour at the border.

After crossing the border, we came upon the accident scene. There was an ambulance, from Tok, and they were placing the injured biker inside. Several bikers that had been in front of us in line at the crossing, were standing guard on the highway directing traffic around the accident site.

The highway that was paved with a yellow centerline abruptly stopped and became a gravel dirt road the rest of the way to Chicken. It was pretty well hard packed and smooth for a dirt road. We passed by some heavy machinery that was filling trucks with dirt and rocks like crazy, so many trucks going west filled and coming back empty for more. We found out why later on.

We arrived at Chicken Gold Camp RV and Café, set up and went inside for lunch before walking around the park to see the dredge and watch people pan for gold. I came across the motorhome that crossed the Yukon on the Ferry in front of us (see the photos) and asked for her email address so I could send her the photos of their crossing. She was delighted and we chatted for a while. The greatest joy about RVing and camping is meeting people and sharing experiences.

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