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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Lisa and Me at the Peak

Hong Kong

Me, Mom, Kim--Excited Tourists

Clock Tower by the Port

Apparently I only took skyline pictures

Dad loves getting a room on the ship with a balcony, though he never actually goes out on it. Yea, I got nothing. Still, as we pulled into Hong Kong harbor, I hung out on the balcony watching the city playing-hide-and-go-seek with us behind the wall of mist. Hong Kong is truly a beautiful city. I have been here once before, but had forgotten how enchanting the city is.

our entourage wasn't in a hurry to get off the boat. We had a nice breakfast, relaxed a little, and waited our turn. Karl kept checking flight status, still unsure of whether to head to the airport or spend another night. We should have relaxed a while longer, as we walked off the boat into a throng of people all desperate to get their bags and get out into the city. I am not usually very confrontational in situations like that, but several chinese people kept wedging their way into our group and then complaining loudly when we pushed to get back together. I was not kind to them. I assumed we were trying to get through immigration. As it turned out, no one in Hong Kong seemed the least concerned that these crazy Americans (nor our Chinese nemeses) were being let loose on their city. Getting a taxi was another deal. We needed another long line for that. And we didn't need one taxi, we needed 4. Our parade of taxis eventually dumped us on Nathan Road. Our tower was behind us, but it happened to have four entrances, and our Airbnb condo was at a different one than the one where we were dropped. A bit of snooping got us to the right elevators. Dad and his scooter could fit in an elevator...if he held his mouth just right. We wedged in way too much baggage from our group of 10 people and shuttle back and forth to the top of the tower.

Ladies were in the condo cleaning, but they kindly invited us to leave our bags--about 72 I think I counted--and come back when they were finished. When I reserved the condo, I thought there would be 7 of us, but decided 10 could fit if we needed to. There were four tiny bedrooms, two with a double and a single bed, two with a queen bed. Mom and Dad in one room, Lisa in another, Kim and the girls in a third, Karl, Sheryl and Karson in the forth. Which left me on a sofa. I only groused a little about the fact that I had paid for all the beds and ended up not getting one. Oh well, I was actually glad we all fit. Snugly, but still.

We headed back to Hong Kong Island to make our way to the peak. Apparently, that was the right thing to do, because EVERYONE in Hong Kong had decided to do it. Didn't look like Dad could take the cable car to the top, so Mom, Dad, and I got a taxi, loaded the scooter in the boot, and took the easy way to the top. Somehow we all eventually connected at the top.

The view of the city is beautiful from there. I couldn't do anything but just keep taking pictures. We had a family photo made. I think someone bought it, but I don't really know who. We found a high-end pizza place and got some dinner overlooking the harbor. Nice end of the day.

The next morning, Lisa found us a little Dim Sum place. Mom opted for sleep over food, but the rest of us crowded around a little table. Ordering 3 of this and 6 of that ended up being a pretty crazy thing to do with 9 people, so I just started ordering food. Kim asked, "So, is there going to be anything I can eat?" Sure. I think. I don't know if everyone liked the food, but no one complained too loudly. Those of us who have spent our lives working with adolescents consider that a big success.

When we got back to the condo, Mom was up and dressed. Sheryl found an uber big enough for Karl, Sheryl, Karson, and Lisa, and we got them and their bags downstairs for the ride to the airport. Karl thought they could get a flight as far as L.A. After that, they would have to see. He was hoping for Business class. Lisa has a class to teach in China. She got a little teary at leaving, but reports since are that the class went incredibly well.

The rest of us found our way to the Jade Market and settled in for some shopping. I still have weeks to travel and anything I would buy would have to be carried on my back. I was not going to buy anything. So, I'm not sure how I got home with this strange looking, hand-carved dragon that is mostly white and red, but somehow the lady who sold it to me swore it was real jade. Huh. I seem to make a lot of accidental purchases.

We dropped our purchases at the condo and headed to the Harbor. The idea was to take in the harbor at sunset and then get some food. The girls found wifi and were content with that--harbor or no. Kim and I walked onto this elevated walkway, taking pictures and chatting. Mom and Dad got lost wandering around the harbor and reminiscing about their trip to Hong Kong some 50 years ago. Hong Kong is a beautiful city.

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