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Where else than New York

Empire State Building

Traffic always traffic

Times Square

Statue of Liberty

Grand Central Park


Guggenheim Museum

Highline walk

9/11 memorial

Gay Pride march

Trucks blocking access to march route on side street

Space Shuttle on aircraft carrier

Concorde on aircraft carrier

Hi All,

New York, New York, visited, seen and done, its a funny place if you accept that most of the natives are suffering eyesight problems and cannot see Australians either in their place of business or walking down the footpath and their ability to hear and understand the Queens Australian makes communication at time difficult.

We were lucky to have enjoyed fantastic weather here which allowed us to visit the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Centre, the 9/11 memorial and museum which was a very touching and very humbling experience. We did a cruise on the Hudson River that went around the Statue of Liberty and most of the city, we did 3 different routes on a hop,on hop off bus, we saw Maddison Square Garden, we visited the Intrepid a mothballed aircraft carrier which housed many planes including a space shuttle Enterprise and an old Concorde, we walked the High Line a disused overhead railway line converted to gardens and paths.

We visited the Guggenhiem Museum actually an art gallery featuring many works by famous astists including Pollock, Picasso, van Gogh, Monet and many more well known artists, a brilliant collection, we walked in Grand Central Park and of course Times Square many times and we walked and walked and walked as you seem to do in this city accompanied by all of the 15,786,890 people that we struck in London, Rome and Paris but there were another 239,675 extra. Also we suffered sirens police, fire brigades and ambulance have sirens all very loud and all very stuck in traffic going nowhere but still wailing, its a sound that doesn't seem to leave you when in the city.

On our last day here there was a march by the Gay Pride people, an interesting march but typical American went on and on and there were too many attendees. After a while we decided we would head back to our hotel when reality struck, as we turned a corner away from the march into a side street it was blocked by tipper trucks filled with sand or garbage trucks on both sides of the march road, why, we presumed to stop any vehicle attack on the crowds. To be honest it was unnerving and we were glad to get to the subway.

Did we enjoy it, yes, but its different, very different but bear in mind we live in a regional centre which is very different to cities, it means we really appreciate all that our country, state, town, and home offer.

Now to Hong Kong


Mum and Dad

GM and GD

AA and UM

Anne and Marco

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