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Sefton Lake just outside Whistler

Joffre Lake No 1

Seton Lake near Lillooet

Desert near Lillooet

Marble Canyon Lake

100 Mile Lake

108 Mile - Heritage Site School room from the Goldrush

108 Mile Heritage Site Church

108 Mile Lake

Travelling up from Whistler to 100 Mile yesterday we drove through mountains, stopped at several lakes just because we could, visited Lillooet (a Gold Minning town) that looked like it hasn't changed much in many years, through deserts, over raging rivers, past waterfalls and farming country. So much change in scenery in just a short time like it does in NZ.

The Gold Trail runs from Lillooet to 150 Mile, so the names mean how far from Lillooet. There is 50 Mile, 75 Mile (both these places look like you may never leave if you stay overnight) so when we got to 100 Mile, to see a big town, a great motel (on the inside anyway) we were very pleased.

We visited the 108 Mile Heritage site this morning. All the buildings are log cabins and pretty amazing. Doing a tour through the homestead was good. Hearing about the history and seeing how they lived was interesting. We heard about local murderers who where the proprietors of the hotel that are thought to have killed 59 miners, gamblers that were travelling back and forth to the Goldfields. I brought the book and am looking forward to reading this strange tale.

We arrived into Prince George around 5pm. Looking forward to taking a look around tomorrow.

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