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Vancouver from Stanley Park

Our flight over was great - long but amazing service on Air New Zealand, but what else would you expect says Lui! Our hotel was about 2 star, but that didn't bother us but it was a shame about the neightbourhood! 1000's of homeless living on the streets just in the next block. The saving grace was that the hotel had a bar. Met some good people there and a few unquestionalbe ones!Our first morning we went looking for somewhere to have breaky and ended up in the middle of an intersection with police standing around a tarp, I was going to ask them if they could suggest somewhere - but then I saw the body behind tarp on the footpath. We just about ran out of there! Heads down, trying NOT to look at anyone until we reached the safety of about 5 blocks away. But apart from that we have had a great few days in Vancouver! We booked a 2 day Tram tour that you hop-on-hop-off around the city. Visited loads of sights around the city, Stanley Park, Gastown, Chinatown just to name a few. Think my favourite was the catching the ferry across to Granville Island - WOW the fruit, fresh produce and food was amazing. Japodog's are extremely popular in Vancouver a mix between a german hotdog with seaweed or wasabi. We didn't part-take in this culinary experience. Overcame my fear of heights on the Capiliano Suspension Bridge - OMG so high and so long! The walk between the tree tops and the cliff walk was really good. We did Grose Mountain the following day. Vancouver was fine but once we got to the mountain we were inside a cloud - you couldn't see 3 mtrs in front of you at times, oh and then it rained! Where were our wet weather coats...yep you guessed it, back at the hotel. We braved it once the rain stopped, trying to meet the bears Ginder and Coola, but they got up for breaky and went back to bed. There was so much snow still up there - but it wasn't really cold, or maybe that was just me and I was the only one in a t-shirt. The gondola ride to the top was OK, Lui loved it, me not so much - I didn't look down more than once. Beautiful city but wouldn't want to live there!

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