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Charlottetown harbor from my patio dinner table

My campsite

Nat'l Park Anne of Green Gables (cousin) house





Entry to the Haunted Forest

Haunted Forest

House from the Haunted Forest


"intimate" theater setting

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One of the places I wanted to see on this trip was Prince Edward Island. Sharon and I tried to visit it 15-20 yrs ago and got to Halifax where we both got very sick. Without Canadian medical insurance coverage, we hightailed it back to Maine and never did get back. So I left the Sydney/Cape Breton area and headed northwesterly towards PEI.

You can only get on and off the island via a 1.5 hr ferry ride from Nova Scotia to Woods Islands on the southwesterly side of PEI or via the 7 mile Confederation Bridge between New Brunswick and the northwesterly side of PEI. There is no toll to get on the island via either route but a toll (exactly the same) is charged when you leave. So elected to take the ferry ride to the island and leave via the bridge.

I arrived late in the afternoon so I got an overnight campsite near the ferry. A very pleasant place with campsites right on the water. The next morning I drove the 60 miles or so to Charlottetown, the main city on the island and got a campsite nearby for 2 nights, again on the bay. I spent the remainder of the day driving around the general area and around town.

Some years ago, PBS had a series on Anne of Green Gables which Sharon and I enjoyed very much. PEI is the locale for the story and so I thought I'd look into it a bit. I visited a National Park which commemorates the story. Within the park is the house, farm, haunted forest, lover's lane etc that author L. M. Montgomery visited and explored as a child (it was the home of her cousin) and serves as the locale for the Anne story. Very picturesque and a worthwhile stop.

Also visited were the author's birthplace and an Anne of Green Gables Museum. Both were disappointing - mostly dedicated to souveniers. On the other hand, not sure what I expected since Anne of Green Gables is, after all, pure fiction.

I also bought a ticket to Anne and Gilbert, The Musical. It is a Broadway like production launched in 2005 and one of the most successful and critically acclaimed musicals playing across Canada. The venue was The Guild in downtown Charlottetown. That turned out to be a small theater. Seating capacity was about 160 people (by my count) consisting of 8 tiers of rows all within 50' or so of the stage. Intimate would be the word. The theater was sold out. Unfortunately, part of the intimacy is due to the fact that instead of using comfy wide theater seats, they used basically padded kitchen chair type seats bolted to the floor. So patrons seating resembled coach type seating, sans footrests, sans tilting seats, that you'd get on a no frills airline. We were told that absent an emergency, we could not leave our seats till intermission and then only stage left past the orchestra (a piano and a violin). It was so intimate that if you did leave, you would be walking on the stage with the performers - kind of a negative if you are not an exhibitionist. Some fans and good air movement would have been nice.

The performers and the musical was good but I was literally counting down the minutes to intermission (they said the first act was 90 minutes). I took advantage of intermission to go to my car and leave. My treat instead was a single dip ice cream cone at COW Creamery! I would have gone to the musical in the large convention auditorium across the street but it was "The Million Dollar Quartet" which I saw last summer in Branson.

All in all, I've checked PEI off my bucket list but I found it disappointing.

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