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where the Cassiar meets the Alaska Highway

on to Whitehorse

dinner at the "Wolf's Den"

Josef and tire pressure

we did enjoy Boya Lake PP a great deal. Carlotta and I did the hike along the wooded shoreline in alternately sunny and then overcast weather. Josef was in hot pursuit of the elusive fish. While I am a dedicated fisherman I have not proven to be a very successful "catcherman" to be of great guidance to the boy. Also if truth be told my daytime job of driving the Beaver is demanding at times. We have been blessed with alternatively good to fair weather and thank god in Boya Lake no trace of the mosquitoes that plagued us at Meziadin Lake during the last night there.

By 8 am we took to the road which was alternately quite good and then at time downright bumpy. I had high hopes that the Alaska Highway, about 70 miles head would lend itself to a more rapid advance. The Cassiar Highway has lovely mountain and river vista but curves along seemingly in an endless manner.

Low and behold, there was a sign Alaska Highway Junction 2 km!

And so it was. We stopped to take a photo of this momentous event and then pressed on. The highway is indeed wider and lends itself to speeds of 55 - 60 mph. In my case it was strictly 55 mph with a weary eye on the fuel gage. We did indeed stop at another roadside gas station and added diesel just to make sure that we would reach Whitehorse without any hiccup.

The countryside was less abstract than along the "Cassiar" but it was nice to move along at a better pace. By 4 pm we were at the outskirts of Whitehorse and decided to stay at the Caribou RV campground because of the adjacent "Wolf's Den" restaurant run by a Swiss couple. The campground is "rustic" but offers very clean bathrooms and showers.

It was decided that we would have dinner out at the Wolf's Den and made a reservation for 6pm. Everyone took a shower in the campground, our on board shower cabin having been converted to be Josef's luggage compartment. It is interesting that there is daylight until about 10 pm and by 4 am it is light and the birds, however few of them begin their song contest.

The restaurant was already quite busy when we arrived. It has the charm of an Alpine eatery that we know from Europe. We heard from fellow travelers that the food would be very good and hence were seated and placed our order. I was a bit disappointed that there was no "Zuercher G'schnetzeltes" a dish of minced veal or pork with a delicious sauce on the menu but Carlotta opted for Wiener Schnitzel as did Josef and I had the Jaegerschnitzel, a slice of pork seasoned but not breaded with a delicious sauce and spaetzle, the pasta quite popular in southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The food was very good but served by an unfriendly, though efficient waitress.

We had a good day and looked forward to the drive to Haines, Alaska which was to start at 8 am on the following day.

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