Rae's trip of a lifetime_ UK and Europe 2017 travel blog

The Eurostar (my carriage awaits!!)

View out the window (England side)

View out the window (French side)

I have arrived

Walking along rhe streets to my apartment

Rue de Siam, the street where my apartment is.

The icon of Paris-- The Eiffel tower

Museums around Trocodero Square

The Eiffel tower

The Obelisque

La Louvre

The Pyramid of Glass in the square inside the Louvre

The Eiffel tower at night

I didn't sleep that well knowing I had to get up early so at the sound of my alarm I was a bit slow but got better once I had my shower. Toni had offered to come with me to the Eurostar station so we were both out the door at 6.45am.

The train rides had us at St Pancras in about 40 minutes so we had time to grab a coffee and food for me to eat on the train. Then it was off through customs and shortly after I was on the train.

I was very impressed. I think after all the flying I have done, the train seems easier and better. As it travels along at 300km per hr it gets you there pretty quickly as well. I even streamed a movie onto my phone to watch!!

In Paris it was easy as well. I googled the trains I needed to get to my accommodation and I was soon outside. As I had arrived early I found a pizza place within view of my address and I had lunch.

I met the sister of the Air bnb host who took me up to my tiny 1 roomed apartment. It was small but would suit my needs for the 2 nights I am here.

I had decided due to limited time, again the best method to see the main attractions was the hop on/off bus tour. I paid for it online and found the closest stop to get on was only a 10 minute walk away at a place called Trocodero Square.

By 3pm I was on the bus and experiencing Paris. It was a glorious day and again I was in awe of the beauty of treelined streets and all the monuments and buildings I had learnt about back in Highschool.

At 6.30pm I was cruising down the Seine on the boatride that was also included in the tour package.

After the cruise I walked back to my apartment which was about a 25 minute walk. I had a shower and then debated about where to go for dinner. I could have stayed in and had leftover pizza but hey it was Saturday night and I was in Paris! I decided to go back to the Trocodero square where there were many cafes and a beautiful view of the Eiffel tower.

I had a wonderful time and chatted to other customers and the waiter.

Afterwards I took some photos of the Iron lady (Eiffel Tower) all lit up for the night..it really was quite spectacular.

If I thought it was light in London until late then Paris is far later still! I don't think it got truly dark until about 11pm..

Finally I was back in my room.. A long day but a very special one.

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