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Hillside home

Cable car

Open topped cable car


View from mountain top

Swiss high mountain farming


Lakeside Lucerne

Chapel bridge Luncerne

Swiss horn players

Swiss mountain side scene

What a place to be

Notre Dame

Inside Notre Dame

Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower


From Eiffel Tower


Hi all

Well now at a Heathrow airport hotel after time in Lucerne, Switzerland and Paris France and today spending a day with friends in the country side of southern England a night before we fly on to Niagara Falls then return to New York.

The trip from Lake Maggiore in Italy to Switzerland was to say the least spectacular on the way we stopped at one of the many mountains and travelled on a veniculer then a cable car which being a 2 storey one had some travellers like Marco in the lower cabin and Anne in the open topped roof above, and yes there is one in our duo who is petrified of heights. The trip however was well worth it as the view from 1843mts was spectacular.

The rest of the time in Lucene was spent eating, walking, cruising the lake or going into the alps for a horse carriage ride in a ski resort minus the skiers and the snow but boy the scenery was amazing, even the city buildings. We were also were privileged to see by chance 15 Swiss horns being played in the town square and that was an experience. Lucerne was such a beautiful city we would love to go back there.

Paris was the final stop for the European leg and it did not dissapoint, the 15,296,745 people we struck in London had moved............to Rome and now to Paris they were everywhere so luckily our tour company had fast track entries to what we went to see including a Seine River cruise to see the lights of the Eiffel Tower , Eiffel Tower as well as the riverbanks littered with young Parisiennes just enjoying the river with picnics. We visited the Notre Dame, the Middle point of the Eiffel Tower, one of us enjoyed it and she took all the photos.

We saw the outside of many exciting buildings including the Louvre, the Place de la Concorde, the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs Élysées both day and night. The monument to the late Dianne built on the bridge in which she lost her life. We went to Montmatre, famous for the Moulim Rouge which we saw and of course the haunt of Toulouse Lautrec and finally in that vein a show which was spectacular with a great assortment of acts but for some parts the show owners must have run out of money as the female dancers costumes were completely lacking from the waist up, well hey it is Gay Paris.

Our final part of the Euroopen leg was to return to London, again the Eurostar train this time it hit 300kph at one stage, hugely fast and extremely smooth and comfortable. About 50kms south of London we got off the train and met up with some frimeds we 1st met in a cruise in 2006, they took us to their home for coffee, we lunched at a local pub then we returned for Tea of the cup variety before they graciously drove us to a hotel at Heathrow Airport thus positioning us for a late morning flight to USA and Canada tomorrow.

Did we enjoy the European leg, yes but we were very busy but seeing nearly all the things we wanted to see.

From here USA and Canada.


Mum and Dad

AA and UM

GM and GD

Anne and Marco

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