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Kilcher Homestead

Private road down to the Kilcher's

Alaska dream home at bargin price of $269,000.

A mailman's nightmare

Boat my brother and I chartered in 2011

Nancy's sister used to work at a "Dutch Treat" in Maine

My Homer charter boat 2017

Sunrise on fishing day

View from the back of the boat

Lingcod, 1st fish of the day

Water is getting choppy

29 pound yelloweyed Rockfish

Two of the eight Rockfish I caught

Baby halibut

Gulls chasing the boat

Morning reflections

Meeting the Captain

Headed out to sea

This dog was left in this camper all day long.

Find the eagle

There she is

I am supposed to be nice, but really, I must be somewhat critical about my latest fishing adventure. Homer, Alaska is known around the world for it's giant halibut catches. My halibut fishing trip out of Homer turned into more of a boat ride than a real exciting fishing trip. A twelve hour plus boat ride to be exact. Maybe I was spoiled from my charter out of Valdez and my expectations were too high.

We were on the water at 0545 hours and returned to port at 1815 hours (that is almost 6 am to a little after 6 pm for those who do not understand military time formats). I should have know better than to pick a nice new fishing boat to charter.

New boat means old experienced Captain, Right? Nope. Just the other way. New boat with a brand new Captain who did NOT know where to find halibut. We fished hard all day and the very first halibut in the boat was a baby weighing in at a whopping 10 pounds. Oh my, how does one hold back the excitement? Also to note: the first halibut came into the boat after three hours of riding around from spot to spot looking for fish and after five hours of really hard fishing. It was just after 2:30 pm in the afternoon (eight hours on the water) before the young Captain radioed a skipper friend of his to find out where the halibut were. I fear we would have had no success at all if this inexperienced Captain had not relinquished his pride and asked for help.

Oh well, it was a nice day for a boat ride. As the pictures show, I did catch a few fish. I try to find the positive side of most every situation so my take on this fishing charter: I had a delightful day smelling the ocean breeze and looking at some wonderful scenery along with hauling in a yellow eyed Rockfish that the Captain told me was about 160 years old. Wow that fish would be as old as my former boss at Customs and my age if you added them together. Well, maybe a little older, but not much.

Tomorrow we will most likely head toward the Russian river near where it joins the Kenai River. The salmon should be that far inland by now, so with any luck, we'll stop eating hotdogs and just maybe feast on a nice fresh salmon steak.

We heard news yesterday that Nancy's good friend Marjorie (Houlton) was going into the hospital for open heart surgery and that my brother (Belfast) had been admitted to the hospital with complications from taking chemo. Prayers for both and with GOD's good GRACE, all will be well.

You may have watched the Discovery show on television (Alaska, The Last Frontier) about the hard working self sustaining family near Homer, Alaska named The Kilchers and all their trials and tribulations about living in the Alaska wild. We had hoped to meet up with the stars of the show, Otto, Charlotte, Eivin, Eve Atz, Jane, or Atz Lee, but were only able to find the entrance to their road where a sign suggested that we should call before visiting. The call got us a recording so we chose to get a picture of the sign at the end of their road, and call that "good enough". Maybe next time!

Best to all,

Jerry & Nancy

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