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Half eaten focaccia from Luca

Shady park in Sestri Levante

Sestri Levante beach

Baia Del silenzio in Sestri Levante


Beginning of red carpet trail in Portofino

Red carpet trail on way to Santa Margherita Ligure

Along the trail



Santa Margherita Ligure

Fresh pasta at a store in SML

Bakery in SML

Patio of my apartment in Sestri Levante

Arrived in Sestri Levante by train. My host Massi met me at Piazza Republica and we walked the short distance to the house. Very nice room with a little yard where he serves breakfast of focaccia, coffee, watermelon and juice in the morning. So far no other guest but me in this two bedroom apartment in a residential complex. I made dinner last night of fresh spaghetti, pesto, baguette, and a some vino of course. What I like about Sestri is that although it is on the Italian riviera, it is not very touristy. A small town and very local, but beautiful all the same. Massi directed me to a few places including the focacceria Luca where I bought a way too big piece of focaccia with potatoes, carmelized onions and cheese for lunch. The focaccia here is sold by the kilo. They sit in a window similar to a bakery and you show them which one you want. They are typically huge squares or, is in this instance, a long rectangle. Then the woman puts her knife to the focaccia to suggest how big a piece you want and you can either say smaller or bigger. I got a piece that was way too much and it was 6€. A piece half the size would have been plenty. I sat in the shady park and ate it and could taste with my tongue the olive oil on the bottom of the piece with every bite. I need that olive oil! The next day I took the train for 2.8€ to Santa Margherita Ligure and then the bus for 4€ from the stazione to Portofino. Yes, touristy but geesh just when you thought it couldn't get more beautiful! Massi told me about the red carpet walk between SML and P so I walked back to SML on the red carpet pathway, passing Passagio - wow. Beautiful clear blue water. I took so many pictures I couldn't decide which to post. It's been very hot here so I'm glad to have A/C in my room. I just come back in the late afternoon / early evening and relax, make dinner, drink some wine, and read.

Tomorrow on to Sori for two nights and then I will take a short train ride to Genova and from there a long bus ride to Marseille for two nights before going to Uzes to the home of my friends. The bus from Genova to Marseille takes about 5 hours but it's only 19€ as opposed to 60€ on the train and the train takes as long or longer. Since I'm on a budget, the bus it is. Plus, really, you see more on the bus. Later.

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