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Portage Glacier

Fishing for the salmon heading home

Poor fish don't have a chance

Dogs in training

View from the car


Hot tub at Mt McKinley

Johns theatrical debut

Our cruise train

Lunch on the train

View in the park


High in the park


In the park

We are now in the real Alaska.

On our last day in Anchorage we did a short cruise on a lake that took us up to the face of the Portage Clacier. We then strolled down to Ship Creek where the salmon have started running and watched as local fisherman were casting into the fast moving River and pulling in enormous fish, the poor salmon have so many obstacles to overcome as they return home to spawn after four years at sea.

After leaving Anchorage we had another cruise train that took us to Mt McKinley for the night.

At Mt McKinley we visited a sled dog training camp where the dogs were being conditioned for a big 1,000 mile race to take place in March next year. Part of their daily training involves pullling tourists around in a 4 wheel vehicle over gravel tracks for several miles. Hard work for the dogs but good fun for us.

The next morning we resumed our train journey and on to Denali National Park. This is a wonderful chalet type resort. Here for two nights.

Last night we attended a music hall type show including dinner. Poor John was sitting in the wrong place and ended up on stage as part of the show. He survived unscathed .

This morning we were taken on a bus trip into the tundra. Another great experience - the real wild Alaska. The sun was shining and we saw many wild creatures in their natural habitat including moose, caribou, dall sheep, wolve, bears with cubs.

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