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Church window, Rye

Postman Pat getting in the way

Hucksters Row, Rye

Our last day in England. We got away early after a good breakfast and a short chat with the manager and his wife. The recommended that we visit Rye down on the coast. This was one of the possibilities we had considered. Others being Canterbury, and Tunbridge Wells. So we settled on Rye and headed off on the 45 min drive.

J got a small amount of Diesel - trying to keep the tank in the bottom quarter as we had paid for a full tank when we collected the car. The car has been quite good. Easy to drive and economical. Manual instead of auto, but that is typical of rental cars in the UK. The only issue is that the roads ( actually lanes) can be very narrow, and are usually bordered by brambles, blackberries, hedges, etc so the art of passing oncoming cars and trucks is one that needs to be learnt quickly!

Then off to Rye. As we got closer, and into “1066 country” , the terrain changed - marshes and flat land, with some islands of higher ground. Rye was one of these. It is a well preserved ancient medieval town with cliffs around 2/3 of it, and walls on the rest. A church perched at the lifestyle point with views far and wide in all directions. The walk into the town up Mermaid street which is cobblestoned. Everywhere you turn is a scene to be viewed and photographed. Many of the original old buildings have been preserved, and there has been limited development in the town. The only downside is that the tidal range is great, so when the tide goes out, there are muddy exposed channels ( with high and dry boats). There is a peculiar smell that pervades the town, and J was seen on a number of occasions, checking the soles of his shoes just in case!

After a nice lunch in the oldest tea rooms in Rye ( built on the ruins of an old pub that was destroyed by fire around 1870). The fireplace is 16th century. The scones, jam and cream luckily were 21st century!

We walked all the streets we could find, then did a little antique browsing and shopping before heading for the car park. It was supposed to be a 2 hr journey to the hotel at Heathrow, mostly on Motorways. Unfortunately, as we got closer to London, we were in peak period, so the journey was about 3 3/4 hours, the last hour or so was 1st gear creeping. Lots of crazy drivers (apart from J) including an old duck chatting and gesticulating to her passenger and nearly causing us to rear end her. Even a sustained horn blast did not gain her attention. J said a few “square” words and felt better!!

After checking in, we had a reasonable meal in the Thyme restaurant. Good price and more than edible. The service was also very good, and we were not kept waiting for long.

We had a phone conversation with J an C’s son and his wife as we were unable to arrange a catch-up at short notice. Maybe next visit. Then it was repacking ready for the flight to Vienna tomorrow.

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