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The balcony restaurant at Harrods

Selfie at table


Display of extinct birds at Museum. The NZ Huia is there

A Mammoth Sloth (extinct of course)

T-Rex-very life- like

Baby dinosaurs hatching...ahhh

T-Rex skeleton

Allasaurus skeleton

This morning after doing some housework (mainly cleaning up from cooking last night!), I thought I would peruse the fashion stores in Knightsbridge, namely Harrods. I dressed appropriately so I didn't look like a complete tourist and I was off.

Walking along past exclusive stores really makes you wonder if normal everyday people ever shop here.(Toni tells me not normally. Usually Arabs and Asians).

Beautiful clothes, perfumes and jewellery with exorbitant prices. Harvey Nichols which is supposed to be "The" fashion store was having a sale so I thought I would go in. Wandering around the beautiful fashions even with 60 per cent off I could not justify spending that kind of $$.(400 pound on a summer dress??? on sale !!)

It was fun just looking and although I looked, I didn't see any famous celebrities.

Harrods was more of the same and as it was now after 2pm I thought I may be able to afford a light lunch at one of their cafes. I found one on a balcony with not much of a view but it was nice in the sun.

After a delicious (if somewhat small) tomato salad and a superb glass of Rose, I wandered off to the National History Museum not far up the road.

I should go back, as no way does an hour and a half give you enough time to spend here. The museum is huge and had so many wonderful displays. I spent my time at the earthquake etc centre, birds, mammals and dinosaur exhibits but there are so many more that I would like to see. They have a lot of the Roman artifacts here, story of man's evolution and so much more. It is all very well displayed with lots of interactive activities to keep children if all ages amused.

I headed back to the flat around 5 as I wanted to get dinner ready for Toni and Piet earlier tonight and then hopefully touch base with Adam and Lauren who would be arriving some time soon from Perth.

That idea went slightly pear-shaped when I managed to get locked out𯘕

The flat was really hot and stuffy when I got back so I had opened all the windows. I got changed into casual shorts and was getting the washing in from outside when a gust of wind slammed the flat door shut..yep keys inside..me with bare feet and no phone outside ..oh dear..

I thought I would not have to wait too long as Toni had a key of Piet's yesterday and she would be home soon.

Yes! it was only about 15 minutes later that she home but no, she had given Piet his keys back and worse news was that he had a client networking event, so possibly wouldn't be home until 8pm.

Long story short ..it was a long wait and I couldn't even go for a drink due to my bare feet and really casual clothing oh dear...

I felt such an idiot but Toni took it well and a good lesson for me to always put a shoe in the door before going out!!

Just as well dinner was a re-hash of yesterday's and within 30 minutes we were eating.. I don't think I will live that one down for a while though 𯘯. In the other hand it shows their flat is very secure!!

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