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Poling at sunrise


More elephants

Looking for a way out



Tom and Kitty and Giraffes and Zebras

Zebras and giraffes

Giraffe skull

Kitty poling

Tom takes a swim

He finally learns to pole dance!

Painted frog

Sunset over the Delta

Runing from a hippo!

the "Bullfrog Song"

Grandma singing

Up at 5:30 and have a quick breakfast then off in the canoes to our nature walk. We went to another island and headed up the track and saw a lot of elephants off in the distance. We approached cautiously as they can be nasty. Guide got up on a termite mound and looked where we could walk safely, then headed off. Lots of tracks around of lions and other critters. Many elephant prints.

At one point we discovered we were in the middle of a huge herd of elephants so one guide (Bob) grabbed a handful of brush and some matches just in case! We came up on a large herd of impala then on a mixed herd of giraffe and zebra. Helicopter in the background made it rather odd, but now were on some tourist videos! We headed cautiously back to the canoes. On our way back to camp we were greeted by the resident hippo with a number of grunts but no issues.

Back at camp we had lunch then sat around for a while. Eventually we went for another nature hike through the bush and saw more elephants and giraffes plus other nature things (like flowers and plants). Back at the camp we had dinner then went off for our sunset trip.

In the canoes we headed to the nearby lagoon and saw things at sunset. The resident hippo was not pleased but when we stopped the canoes and pointed them at the middle of the lagoon he quieted down. There was one other tourist at the lagoon but otherwise we had it all to ourselves. Lots of very nice scenes as the sunset. On the way back thought the hippo started to chase us so the polers went at some speed to get out of the lagoon!

Back at camp we settled around the bush TV and chatted. Then the polers sang us several traditional and made up songs for our entertainments. It was quite fun as we all joined in with some of the singing.

We finally said goodnight and settled down around 10:00 PM.

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