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Wtaer everywhere

Attack of the giant anteater!

Termite mound

Dugout canoes

Poling along

Hippo Highway

Our camp

Our first nature hike

Campfire to keep animals away at night.

Up about 5:30 and a quick breakfast and on the road by 6:00. We followed the main road for a bit but it was flooded so we turned back and followed a gravel road for some distance. Fields on both sides were flooded. Road had many potholes due to water level. Quite a bumpy road. At a check station we had to get out to walk through disinfectant and some discussion of unpacking all our bags, but luckily we didn’t have to.

Got to the hotel and changed vehicles to a four-wheel drive for the trip into the delta. We had to leave ½ of our stuff behind as we were to travel by canoe. We drove on a very sandy road with some really questionable bridges and scattered settlements for about 45 minutes. It was touch and go for a bit as the four wheeler had trouble.

We finally arrive at the “dock” and lots of folks there. Pass stuff through a fence and clamber over ourselves and see a flotilla of fiberglass canoes (Government forbid chopping trees to make traditional ones to preserve the environment). Have lunch with locals looking on so I pass out a packet of cookies for them to share.

We loaded up in th3 canoes and we had Domonta for a poler. Kitty and I sat in the canoe and we went through a sea of grasses and flowers. Quite an interesting ride. We finally landed at the camp wit the tents all ready to the sound of the occasional hippo grunt.

Camp itself was about eight tents around a larger kitchen tent. Polers set up their own tents near the canoes. They showed up the outdoor toilet and bucket shower, and explained how to use the chemical toilets in the tents for after dark as there are dangerous animals about especially elephants and buffalos. We went off for a nature walk and looked at termites and elephants passing by. Acacia trees chewed up by elephants and an aardvark hole. We spotted giraffe and zebra at a distance but there were too many elephants to approach closely.

We headed back at sunset and had a dinner. Ploers had their own dinner of fish they had caught and pap corn meal. Then we sat around the “bush TV” (campfire) until it was time for bed.

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