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Elephant tracks


Guinea Fowl


More baboons


Lion closer

Breakfast with the lions over the hill



Leopard closer

The Big Five!

Our lodge for the night

At the great (temporary) salt lake

The National Beer of Botswana

At the shore

Painted crane

Up at 5:30 and get on an open four wheel to do a game drive in Chobe Park. Cold morning but not as bad as the last ride.

We got to the gate in the dark and there were five or six other vehicles there. We headed in and took the river road. Saw lion tracks as well as an elephant and lots and lots of impala. Down by the river some spoonbills and other birds. A troop of baboons ran past with lots of babies.

Then we zoomed off across the dirt road for about ten minutes to come to a pan in an open area and there were four lions basking in the sunshine. They were some distance away but you could see they were lions. Those with good lens got some great pictures. Lots of other busses showed up then we took a break and had a cup of hot tea!

When heading out we passed some game warrens who were letting go a warthog and they took a young one and either tied it up on killed it. Lions were quite agitated by the rangers and moved around a lot but we drove off after some pictures of the adult warthog.

Speeding down the road toward the park exit and a leopard ran across the road in front of us. It stopped in the woods and looked back at the bus, then walked away. Everyone was quite excited that we saw “the big five” of safari.

Back at the lodge we quickly packed up and went down to breakfast, ate, cleaned up, and headed off on our drive to Nata.

We were stopped at a control station and had to walk through a bath to disinfect our shoes, then back on the road with a stop for “Bushy Bushy”. We did see a couple giraffes and an elephant on the way, but mostly just Kalahari semi-desert. We also passed massive fields of sorghum that were being harvested. Made it to Nata Lodge and had a nice reception then took our stuff to our “luxury tent.” Then a quick brunch and of on another four-wheeler to the local bird sanctuary/salt pan. We spotted a variety of birds and a large herd of gnus, Main attraction was the large salt lane only 3 meters deep will be empty by the end of the winter. Also another nice sunset, then back to the lodge.

We did a bit of shopping and then had dinner with the group with instructions for the next day when we head into the delta for a couple nights. We made our way back to the tent and scrambled around packing as we had to consolidate all our stuff into a single bag. Difficult. Then we both took outdoor showers (but warm) and went to bed.

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