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Standing in front of Nelson's Column

...and the National Art Museum

One of the 4 lions guarding Nelsons Column

Some of the statues around Trafalgar Square

Statues of King George and his wife the Queen's mother

The guards coming out from St James Palace

Side view of Buckingham Palace

The main garrison guard marching towards Palace to change the guards

The Palace grounds

Front view of Buckingham

The Royal Standard is flying so the Queen is in residence

A view looking through St James Park

Gorgeous colourful flowers everywhere

The horse garrison housing

Changing of the horse garrison

Closeup of the horses and guards regalia

Cenitaph commemorating those who have passed on

Horses heading down the Mall towards Buckingham Palce

Statue of Florence of Nightingale

New Zealand House

This morning I was up and away early to catch the Changing of the Guards Tour. I was in the city early and waited at a close cafe where the news was on. News reporters were covering a huge fire that had ripped through an apartment block killing at least 6 people but many are still missing. The coverage and footage of the fire was something out of Towering Inferno. It was horrendous and cast a sombre feeling over the rest of my day.

The tour though was excellent. If you are a nit of a royalist you would absolutely love every minute of this. Due to not being quite peak season yet, I managed to get a pretty good vantage point on most parts of the tour. I think I have some good videos, so will work out how to upload them. The only thing was I didn't put on my good walking shoes and due to the heat have obtained some more blisters (silly me!!).

We did not just see the changing of the Palace guards, we also got to see the horse guards change as well. The beautiful animals and wonderful uniforms they all wear look amazing (if somewhat hot!!). The tour covered everything from the statues of the Queen's father and mother, St James Palace, where all the royal announcements are made (births, deaths etc) to the different reside ces of tge royal family etc. As I said, if you are into the royal family, this tour was well worth it and to see the pomp and ceremony on a lovely sunny day was very special.

After the tour finished, I went back to enjoy the sun and views to have lunch at the cafe at St James park.

It was just lovely and many other visitors, workers and school groups were doing the same.

After lunch I thought I would wander through the magnificent National art gallery. This took me about 2 hours and afterwards I was in awe of the talent and beauty of some of the world's most famous artists works on show.

Then it was back to the flat as I am on cooking duties to ight having offered to prepare some of the delicious food that we wete shown in Greece. After consulting Toni, I found the local supermarket and purchased what I needed.

Well I gave it a good nudge I think. The kitchen looked a bombsite but what was presented to eat wasn't too shabby if I must say so..they even got apple and rhubarb crumble for dessert!

We were all pretty full and it looks like there will be leftovers for tomorrow as well.. (the cleaning up of floors etc will be done then as well lol).

Another great way to end my day.

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